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5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Corporate Gift

Let’s be honest—choosing a thoughtful and memorable corporate gift is never easy. With the ample amount of gift ideas available out there comes an onslaught of options to choose from. If you want your corporate gift to stand out and not come off as just another item of clutter, consider these tips to spark some inspiration and add a little pizzazz to it:

Make A Handwritten Note

Personalisation goes a long way when it comes to corporate gifts. A handwritten message shows genuine appreciation and may help strengthen and reinforce your working relationship with the gift recipient.

Invest In Good Packaging

The packaging of the corporate gift and the way you present it is equally important as the actual gift itself. An attractive gift box that is carefully curated will certainly speak miles about your brand and will reflect your value for the client.

Showcase Your Skills

For an impactful corporate gift, you might want to try typing in your company’s products or services into the gift. Employ your in-house design department to include some eye-catching elements or throw in a complimentary service courtesy of your company to add a personal touch.

Get Other Employees Involved

In the spirit of giving, consider crowdsourcing for gift ideas at your workplace and provide a suitable timeline for everyone to pitch in a suggestion. This is an effective method to draw fresh ideas while making everyone feel inclusive in the process. Additionally, you could present a corporate gift that the recipient can share with his or her team to make a better impression.

Deliver Your Gift Personally

If your corporate gift is not too bulky, perhaps you could deliver it personally to your business partner or client. This will definitely keep you at the top-of-the-mind with your gift recipient.

Putting some time and effort into your corporate gift is a good way for you to make a lasting impression and deepen the connection that is vital to your business. Without blowing the budget, these tips will make the act of corporate gift buying less of a hassle and more enjoyable. Edmaro is a corporate gift supplier in Singapore that can help bring your fabulous corporate gift ideas to life. Reach out to us to discuss more about what we can do for you!

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The Ultimate Corporate Gifts Supplier Checklist

When there are plentiful of corporate gifts supplier in the market to choose from, how do you know which one will fulfil your needs? In order to make your selection process painless, here is an all-inclusive checklist of what you can expect from a satisfactory corporate gifts supplier:

Exceptional Customer Service

Ensure that your chosen corporate gifts supplier has an exceptional track record when it comes to customer service with a quick Google search. There is no harm doing some prior research to save yourself any unfavourable issues that might come up along the way, such as order delays and discrepancies. It is important to work with a reliable corporate gifts supplier who will deliver as promised without you having to worry about any major setbacks. A more personalised service will always lead to a better customer experience.

Attractive Prices

Look out for corporate gift suppliers that offer great prices. If you’re going to be placing a huge order and investing in a considerable amount of money, it’s only fair that the corporate gifts supplier offers a volume discount as a courtesy to show that they treasure you as a customer. Make sure that the price being quoted to you is provided in black and white and there are no hidden costs. You do not want end up paying more than you are supposed to.

High-Quality Products

Never compromise the quality of your corporate gifts and settle for anything that does not meet your expectations. Moreover, gifting a business partner or client with something of low quality reflects poorly on you as well as your company. It also a good measure to ensure that there are no promotional inserts in your corporate gift as it can be quite distasteful and impersonal to receive a token of appreciation that is blatantly advertising the corporate gifts supplier. Tacky is never good.

Guarantee Provided

To ensure yourself and rule out any headaches down the road, find out if your purchased corporate gifts are guaranteed. Under any unfortunate circumstance that the corporate gifts supplier misses an important delivery or your items are damaged, the corporate gifts should be refundable with no questions asked.

Here at Edmaro, we are a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore that operates with all your requirements and must-haves in mind. We check off all of the boxes above which is why we’re the best start when it comes to picking out notable corporate gifts for you and your company. Contact us for a quotation today!

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5 Handy Corporate Gifts For The Business Traveller

For the experienced business traveller, jet-setting between different countries to schmooze with clients can be quite a hassle when you have to live out of a suitcase. Mobility is a key factor especially when you have endless flights to catch and bookings to keep tabs on. If you need some corporate gift inspiration for a business traveller, here is a comprehensive rundown of items that might be useful to the seasoned globetrotter:

Jersey Travel Pillow and Eye Mask Set

When you are travelling long-haul, nothing beats a comfy and supportive cushion. Gift the business traveller with the luxury of some essential shut-eye on the car, plane or train under any noise or light conditions with a travel pillow and eye mask set. Apart from feeling fresher when you get to your destination sans the stiff necks and searing headaches, the travel pillow can then be easily deflated into a small pouch that fits right into a carry-on.

2 USB Travel Adapter

Voltage and outlets work differently in different parts of the world, so there’s a high chance that business travellers require a travel adapter that works with different types of charging outlets. Call it a basic necessity if you must, since carrying different kinds of chargers and wires for every different country you travel to sounds troublesome and quite impractical.

Personalised Luggage Tag

If your gift recipient is a frequent traveller, they will probably appreciate a customised luggage tag—one that is able to keep their suitcase easily identifiable so they do not lose sight of it (or grab someone else’s unintentionally!). Have their names or initials inscribed to keep it functional and stylish.

Travel Utility Kit

Picture this: you’ve checked-in to your hotel room after a long flight and you unpack your luggage to freshen up, only to find your facial product spilled all over the inside of your luggage and on your clothes. This is never pleasant, especially when you are already jetlagged and in dire need of rest. A travel utility kit with mesh pouches, zippered pockets, and a waterproof interior is the perfect accessory to contain all your personal hygiene products in one compartment and avoid a sticky situation.


Anyone who travels regularly knows how frustrating it can be when your devices are running low on juice and you cannot locate a charging outlet anywhere nearby. A multi-cable portable charger or powerbank will eliminate all the hassle of scouring for an outlet so your mobile phone or tablet stays powered up on the go.

From comfort to convenience, there’s surely something on this list that you can get for a busy business traveller before they head off to another trip. If you’re having trouble picking out the right gift, Edmaro is a leading corporate gift supplier of the best selection of travel gifts and accessories in Singapore. Save some time and enquire now!



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4 Tips When Choosing the Perfect Corporate Gift

We know how disheartening it can get when you wish nothing but to deliver joy to your employees and clients, but your corporate gifts end up in a dusty corner of the office to much dismay. Fret not. Here are some points to ponder upon when purchasing your next corporate gift:

Pick A Usable Gift

Do not underestimate everyday items like an umbrella or a tote bag. These are actually items that people can utilise on-the-go and are more likely to be appreciated in the long run. On the contrary, swanky gifts like a fancy ornament are less practical and might just be forgotten and left to dust on a shelf somewhere. The trick when it comes to corporate gifts is to stay simple and conventional in a genuinely thoughtful manner without going over the top.

Portray A Sense Of Originality & Taste

This would be the perfect opportunity to think out of the box and get creative—but don’t get ahead of yourselves. Your corporate gift shouldn’t be too bizarre, yet still unique enough to appeal to the general masses. For instance, choosing a document bag that comes in a loud, statement-making print might not be the best idea because it doesn’t match everyone’s style and personality. With that being said, do not be afraid to be bold and steer clear of products in dull, monotonous colours. Additionally, you could provide a corporate gift in multiple colours or designs so your employee or client can pick according to their preference.

Imprint Your Brand

When choosing a corporate gift, you might want to consider picking a product which you can customise with your company’s logo. Depending on the item, your brand or logo might compromise it’s appeal, so be very cautious of what you decide to stamp on the corporate gift. You do not want to be too overly promotional.

Stay Within your Budget

Before you go on the hunt for a suitable corporate gift, ensure that you are aware of the required quantity as well as the total budget that you are working with. Whether you are leaning towards a low cost or high-priced corporate gift, there is always the right option for your preferred price point. A cheaper item does not necessarily mean you have to settle for something mundane. (Stationery can come in out-of-the-ordinary designs too!) If you have the extra budget to spare, perhaps you could go the extra mile and opt for something with value and longevity, like a limited edition pen. Buying items in a bulk is one viable way for you to save some costs on your corporate gifts.

Need assistance in brainstorming unique corporate gift designs and ideas? Edmaro is fully equipped and qualified to work with you. Get in touch with us today!



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How to Make Your Corporate Gift Giving Successful

It’s not only customary to give away corporate gifts during Christmas or any festive season. When November comes this practice starts to pick up pace. It’s like every company is in a hurry to buy corporate gifts for clients, loyal customers, and employees. Such companies also know how crucial it is build strong ties with their potential clients, existing ones, and business associates.

It’s only normal that you would like your corporate gifts to exhibit your heartfelt appreciation and also as a legitimate representation of your gratitude and respect for the important people in the company. Corporate gifts can send the right message and it could also have a positive impact for the company’s image and branding. Here are some tips you can consider to make sure that your corporate gift giving initiative will be successful:

Make sure that the gift is trendy.

Be sure that the gifts you are giving are trendy such as an e-reader, an iPad, or the latest trendy gadget. This is the best way to increase the value of the gift and at the same time the level of its desirability.

Give gifts that are of value.

These are those that shows the values of the company. It doesn’t mean monetary value though. The gifts should also show how much the company values the person receiving the gift. Gifts that come with high value are expected to have a longer shelf life. They are also expected to have more lasting impression on the recipients.

You can give personal gifts.

It may not be possible or relevant all the time but giving away personal corporate gifts can create a more lasting impression. It’s giving an item that is based on the personality and also the likes and dislikes of the recipient instead of the traditional options for corporate gifts.

Promotional items should not be for the most valued clients and customers.

There’s a proper place for giving away corporate gifts. This is especially the case when you’re trying to convince more customers. If you’re going to give away gifts to your existing clients, you have to avoid giving promotional items.

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Finding the Most Appropriate Corporate Gift Supplier

For any company to be able to penetrate the industry well, it is imperative to target its clients and the best way is through corporate gifts and promotional items. One major way to ensure that your company may have a successful corporate gift giving initiative is to make sure that you give them the most appropriate and useful gift items but more so from a reliable and professional corporate gift supplier.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter if you gift giving concept is fabulous since if your corporate gift items are of low quality this gift giving idea is meant to fail.

It’s quite difficult to choose the right gift supplier. One thing certain is that each one always puts its best foot forward to impress the potential client. If you are not wise in choosing, you may end up with nothing but unfulfilled assurances. The following are some ideas you may consider for you to choose the right supplier that will add more value to your money:

  • Choose the specific corporate gift type that you like to give whether it is generic or specific in nature. After deciding on it, look for the supplier that specializes on this particular product. If it’s not possible to find one, go find a general merchandiser who enjoys a good reputation among customers.
  • It’s also crucial to consider the number of years that the supplier has been in business. You have to make sure that you don’t trust your corporate gifts and its possible effects on your company’s brand and image with a newbie producer.
  • Always look for a corporate gift supplier that will go all the way to help you end up with the most suitable corporate gifts for your company’s needs. You can find one that will send a representative that will help you from the first step of choosing the items to give right down to its distribution. These companies often ask about your budget so they can plan well for the gift items that will suit it.
  • The professional supplier will also be able to give you alternative ideas if ever what you have in mind is too difficult to achieve.


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Some Wise Tricks in Choosing Corporate Gifts

It’s important for you to consider as well the type branding you like your company to have before you start looking for corporate gifts Singapore. Here are some wise tricks you may consider for the superb corporate gifts you should buy.

  • You have to choose a corporate gift that you would like to have your own name put on it.

It is said time and again that the best test for you to consider how your clients would feel if you would give them corporate presents is how you feel about the gifts yourself. If it could be that cheesy or just an expensive stuff with no use, it’s probably the same feeling they have towards it. Don’t forget that they will associate the kind of gifts that you give with the image and brand of the company. That’s why when you choose promotional items to give, make sure that it puts the company in a good light.

  • Think about your goal for giving gifts and make sure that this is relevant to the event in which it is made part.

There’s always that reason for giving gifts and this reason you have will have an impact on the kind of gifts you will give. If the reason is for brand recognition then it’s better to choose a corporate gift that has to do with the company’s brand and image. It is also different if you want to have promotional gifts that will help you enhance the company’s name recognition in the same way that it is different if you want to commemorate a special event for the company like an anniversary.

  • Make corporate gifts Singapore part of the company’s budget.

It has been proven so many times that by giving away corporate gifts you are building relationships with your potential customers and retaining your current business relationships. Everybody would be delighted to receive any good and useful gift and it goes a long way than just making them feel good. When the products are brought around, the customers are indirectly promoting the company. Hence it is said that there is no advertising or promotional product that is more powerful than a gift.



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On Company Gift Giving: Some General Tips to Consider

There’s tight competition today among companies when it comes to employing the best workers. That’s why it’s more than important for an employer reward employees for their outstanding performances. These days it’s more than just giving them verbal appreciation. The best thing employers can do is to show their employees how much they’re truly valued and appreciated through corporate gifting whether it is in monetary or gift form. There are companies that have made giving part of their culture and have a standard corporate gift supplier. Doing this can inspire and motivate workers to do better in their jobs. When employees feel that they are well compensated and rightfully appreciated by their employers, they tend to make more efforts resulting to increase productivity and performance. The best times to give employees gifts is when they perform well at work and also during the festive season of the year.

Here are guidelines for employers and companies to end up with the best corporate gifts:

  • Decide on the type of corporate gifts you like to give your employees and find a corporate gift supplier that specializes on it.

It is important for you to decide on the type of corporate gifts you like to give away if they have to be practical or decorative. You have to be aware though that majority of gift products sold in the market are more on the practical side since most recipients would love to have gifts that they can use. Once you reach a decision on the type of gifts, you may now start checking on the corporate gift supplier that has the expertise on it. When you do this, you can shorten your list of suppliers available in the market for you.

  • You need to assess the condition and quality of products that they provide.

After shortlisting the suppliers you prefer to hire, you can take the initiative to call or communicate with them. Through this you will be able to evaluate and assess the customer service support and their response time. It is also imperative that you seek for reviews online for each of the suppliers you found. Make sure that the supplier you choose has less if no negative feedback at all.

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Questions to Ask When Choosing Corporate Gifts

You can certainly give your boss or your company’s VIPs when you give them the best corporate gift in Singapore. However, before you choose any particular item, there are several questions you may have to ask.

1) How much is the total expenses? Do I have a written sign-off from the authorized party?

You have to check the company’s policy on gift giving to avoid unnecessary expenses and embarrassment. There are companies that limit the amount of gifts received. Do this before you engage with any gift supplier. It is also important for you to get a written sign-off of your budget to make the process faster and easier to follow. This can also make it easier for you to handle difficult negotiations or conversations about budget later on. Be sure to get the written sign off from the right person of authority.

2) How many gifts do you truly need?

You have to ask your boss about the number and make sure to add 10 percent contingency of ever there are last minute additions to the list of recipients. Include this 10 percent contingency in your budget.

3) Does the supplier’s rate include the delivery expenses?

You must not forget this important factor to consider. This is particularly true if you have to make a lot of deliveries in varying regions or locations. You have to think about the where the deliveries are going and take note of the differences between international delivery and interstate delivery for instance. You should also make sure that the database of your clients is updated especially as regards the addresses on record. You also have to check whether the supplier will be able to track the deliveries. In the same way you have to be nitpicky on the location of the supplier. You may also need to specify whether you need the standard delivery, express delivery, and if the goods to be delivered are tracked, signed, and insured.

4) How should I choose the corporate gifts?

You can decide first whether you like to be more specific or generic in your choice of corporate gifts. It can be easier on your part if you come up with a single theme.

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How to Find the Right Corporate Gift Supplier

It can be quite confusing to choose a corporate gift supplier for the first time since there are many options in the market. You have to choose the supplier that has the most products to offer. To make it easier for you to choose the right products, make sure that the supplier you have specializes in the products that you like to give to your clients and associates. There are instances when it’s just so hard to please clients and they can just withdraw from your business anytime. Through gifts your clients will be shown appreciation and they’re likely to be loyal to your company. That’s how important it is to choose the right corporate gift supplier:

Variety and Range of Products

You have to check on the range of options you have for corporate gift items when you’re looking for a corporate gift supplier. It’s important for you to choose a supplier who’ll be able to give you different options. You should also have options for customization. A dealer who’ll be able to give you more innovative options and has a great imagination on how to come up with great gifts.

High Quality Standard

It is also important for a corporate gift supplier to exercise control in quality when it comes to delivery of service. This way you can be assured that your gifts are of high quality since they undergo quality control mechanisms. It is important for the products that your clients will receive to be of high quality since they will be able to help nurture your relationship with them.

Good Reputation

The supplier should also have a good reputation with its current and previous clients. This means that you have to look into how you can be possibly satisfied with its services. You have to know more about the quality of the services they offer. You have to get a feel about what it is like to work with them.

Wide Network of Suppliers

It’s important for the supplier to have a wide network of suppliers and clients. If they do have these, it means they won’t run out of supplies and that they offer great service and products as evident by the number of clients they have.