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5 Unique Corporate Gifts For Your Customers in Singapore

As 2019 comes to an end and Edmaro embarks another year in its journey to serve Singaporeans with the best corporate gift in Singapore, it’s time for you to start preparing for the year-end festivals and promotions. As your HR and logistics departments may have been debating over either to choose a travel adapter or that polo t-shirt again?

Let us help you with the corporate gift selection process by answering a few questions. For instance, if your corporate gift is:

    • Useful
    • Unique
    • Good Quality
    • Not Repetitive

First of all, you need to make sure that your corporate gift is useful. Edmaro, one of the leading Corporate Gift Suppliers in Singapore, offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

Next, make sure that it’s unique which your clients will appreciate. Corporate gifts should also be of good quality. Sometimes you try to compromise on quality and leave a bad impression which will not be beneficial in terms of long term relationships. Another important aspect to remember is that you are not repeating the same corporate gift which you gave last time. Many times it happens, that when you repeat the same gift, instead of building that long-lasting ROI, you end up leaving a negative effect which might cost you losing your potential customer.

Recommended Corporate Gifts

Once you have answered those questions, now you can move on to shortlist a few of the following corporate gifts. Although a polo t-shirt or a backpack can be very useful, but considering the technology taking over our everyday life, I would like to recommend the following corporate gifts


        1. Mobile Phone Accessories:
          According to Google, most of the working individuals are using mobile phones at least 4 hours a day, therefore definitely mobile phone accessories is one of the best options for corporate gift. At Edmaro, we have over 100 mobile phone accessories to chose from.
        2. Water Bottle:
          This handy essential is a must for every workaholic corporate employee. No matter which part of the world you are, you have to drink water, not to mention that 8 glasses a day, which most of us are aware of. As consumers around the world are more concerned about sustainable products, it’s a good idea to choose either stainless steel or BPA Free. At Edmaro, you can choose over a 100 options such as Fusi Thermo Vacuum Bottle, Soundtech Fusi Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker, Double Wall Glass Mug with Speaker to name a few.
          Corporate Gifts image1
        3. Pen:
          Although the writing habits are slowly disappearing in first world countries, but pen is a must-have for every corporate employee. No matter what happens, we still rely a lot on physical signatures as well as taking down the notes in our morning meetings. Hence, a good quality beautifully designed pen with smooth writing style will become one’s favorite accessory while going for a client’s meeting.
          Corporate Gift image 2
        4. Travel adapter:
          According to the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), there was a record of 1.4billion international tourists arrivals in 2018. When you travel, you have a bunch of cables you need to carry along such as hairdryer, shaver, laptop and mobile phone. Therefore, travel adapter is an accessory, most corporate employees would love to have.
        5. Portable Storage:
          Selfie is part of a daily routine for Millennials and Gen – Z as more and more people taking selfies on daily basis. Whether it’s lunch with friends and colleagues or just a selfie with your favorite cup of coffee. Therefore, the external portable storage is a must-have for every corporate employee to store those hundreds of pictures.
          Corporate Gifts Singapore image 3

Once you have selected that special corporate gift from Edmaro, your preferred corporate gifts supplier, here are a few tips to add to your corporate gift in order to tie that long-lasting ROI knot.

        • Brand Logo
          By carving your brand name and logo on your corporate gift, it will leave a positive effect and build long term relationship between you and your employees and or clients.
        • Personalized Message
          Studies have shown that adding a handwritten personalized message will leave a much more positive impact rather than a printed one. So do try to make extra effort in writing that message personally. Additionally, a well-wrapped gift will add on to the value you are adding in your future ROI by making them feel special and cared for.
        • Neutral Cultural
          Since we live in a multi-cultural society and our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loon encourages in his yearly National Day Rally Speech that we must encourage meritocracy and racial harmony, so ensure that your corporate gifts are suitable for diverse culture of Singapore.

Corporate gift in Singapore is becoming a popular corporate trait. Therefore, by doing some research about your company culture, clients’ feedback and industry trends before choosing and buying corporate gifts will save you a lot of cost. Corporate gifts are a smart way to build long-lasting relationships with your clients showing that you appreciate and regard them.

If you are looking for Unique Corporate Gifts for your Customers, call EDMARO at +65 6509 0322.

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Events in Singapore: Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift Singapore

In modern times, the corporate gift has become a staple of any corporate event, recruiting event, speech, presentation or the like. The importance of the corporate gift in Singapore cannot be understated given the extreme prevalence that has befallen the corporate gift in recent times. The provision of a corporate gift provides benefits not only to yourself but the recipient of the gift as well. This means that event organisers should prioritise the procurement of a corporate gift in Singapore as one of the key aspects of event organisation.

Should you be in need of a corporate gift supplier in Singapore, we at Edmaro are the best corporate gift supplier in Singapore for a number of reasons. First, we have had extensive business experience in this field and have dealt with a multitude of big-name and prestigious clients.

These include names such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singtel, the People’s Association, Giant, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore Management University, the Singapore Police Force, Nanyang Technological University, the Singapore Prison Service, the State Courts, and many more. The illustrious business history that we have stands testament to the quality and meticulousness of our service, which has thus far proved sufficient to attract repeat customers as well as increase our client base over time.

Second, Edmaro also offers a wide range of services to enhance the quality of your corporate gift in Singapore. Several processes can be done to a corporate gift in Singapore, such as customisation of the design and material of the gift product, debossing and embossing, embroidery (such as, for example, tagging), engraving, several printing methods ranging from heat transfer printing to silkscreen printing, hot stamping, sandblasting, and many more.

The effect of this is that your gift will not simply be treated by the gift recipients as a mere object. By sending your corporate gifts in Singapore to undergo one or more of these processes under Edmaro, it adds value to your gift and gives it a touch of personality.

A gift printed with your company’s name or logo is much rarer than a gift without a similar degree of customisation. Apart from these customisation processes, we also value-add our corporate gifts in Singapore in the sense that we can help our customers source and work with big-name vendors around the world, such as Adidas, Nike, Targus, and others.

We offer not only an impressive catalogue of pre-prepared gift ideas but can also help you turn your novel gift ideas into reality – even if no previous person has had the same gift idea at all. To achieve this, we go to great lengths to ensure our customers’ needs are met. Name a vendor and we will find it for you.

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Why Corporate Gifts are Important

Corporate gifts Singapore

In Singapore, corporate gifts are useful for a number of reasons. Especially relevant to context in Singapore, corporate gifts add a touch of professionalism to a corporate event. Providing a corporate gift to your audience in Singapore will confer upon yourself a number of benefits, which will be elucidated as follows.

First, worldwide as well as in Singapore, corporate gifts are a sign of goodwill. The recipient of a corporate gift, in Singapore or overseas, will surely be appreciative of the efforts that you have taken to bring the corporate gift to them.

Second, corporate gifts are a good way to introduce a new concept or idea into the minds of the recipient. Corporate gifts can be embroidered, printed or otherwise marked to add a hint of customisation. Therefore, a well-designed corporate gift, in Singapore or otherwise, is likely to remind the recipient of your company, organisation or event whenever they take a look at it.

Third, corporate gifts will provide a culturally enhancing effect on the company. Just like other gifts, corporate gifts are given freely while the giver expects nothing in return. This promotes a culture of reciprocity and wards off negative cultural values such as selfishness.

Realising that your company has a habit of generous giving can reduce the amount of toxicity and infighting within your workplace. This is especially relevant for corporate gifts given at Singapore corporate events that have to do with recruiting new members to the organisation. Fourth, corporate gifts, given in Singapore or otherwise, will create a long

Should your company be in search of corporate gifts in Singapore, Edmaro is the best place from which one can source such gifts. This is the case for a number of reasons. First, our company places emphasis on professionalism and high quality corporate gifts.

We realise that our target audience are professionals, often within a corporate body, or event organisers relating to a similar field. Hence, the customers who shop from us are often accomplished individuals with exacting standards and tastes.

Our products are geared towards such tastes by including a wide range of products with values exceeding $50 or more. These include 1TB portable storage drives, bags, backpacks and more made with premium materials, and other similar items such as crystalline plaques, awards and more.

Second, our company also caters to a varied range of tastes, so if a purchaser is looking for a cheaper option for corporate gifts given under different circumstances, then cheaper corporate gifts are also available from our store.

We cover a broad spectrum of items ranging from writing implements, drinkware and IT products to apparel, award plaques and more. We cover the full range of corporate gifts in Singapore and it is doubtless that an event organiser will be able to find out that suits his taste.

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Door Gifts as a Small Token or Trinket

Door gifts Singapore

Door gifts are small tokens, trinkets or novelties that an event organiser leaves at the door, which are presented to attendees when they first enter the relevant premises, hence, often constituting an actual “door” gift.

These are a common sight at numerous events and especially more professional corporate events where such door gifts are nearly always present. An event organiser would certainly do well to include a door gift for the participants of their event. A door gift can significantly enhance the memorability that an event has for each participant.

This is the case for several reasons. First, door gifts present a good first impression. The impression that an attendee gets at the start of the event can colour the rest of his experience. Similarly, a thoughtful door gift is indicative of the appreciation that an event organiser shows towards those who turn up.

It militates towards attendees thinking that the event is meticulous and well-planned. This enhances the impact of the event by affecting the experience that each individual attendee has.

Second, the lack of a door gift can actually create a negative impression. Given the prevalence of the presentation of door gifts, the lack of a door gift can be viewed as out of the ordinary and therefore interpreted to be a display of a lack of careful planning.

The reality is that door gifts have become such an ingrained and conventional part of event planning that attendees are often used to it, and may treat the absence of door gifts as a sticking point.

Third, door gifts allow each attendee to take away at least one thing from the event. Door gifts are tangible memoirs of the event and will instantly trigger the attendee’s memory of it each time he uses or recalls the door gift.

In this sense, the door gift is an easy way to multiply the reach and impact of the event, as he is likely to continue using that item (and continue thinking of the event) for many days to come – this is, of course, premised on the fact that your door gift is adequately and meticulously chosen.

Should you be in need of a good location from which to purchase a wide and varied selection of door gifts, look no further than our selection of door gifts at Edmaro. The door gifts that we keep in stock are novel, unique, and useful.

Some of our door gifts include typical, everyday items such as mugs, pens, shirts, as well as a few more “out of the ordinary” ones including portable storage drives and others. The effect of this is that whatever your needs are in selecting a door gift or multiple door gifts for your event, we have your needs covered.

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Improve the Power and Memorability of an Event with Door Gifts

Door gifts are an excellent way to improve the power and memorability of an event. Door gifts serve to leave the attendees of your event a small token of memorabilia that these attendees may keep and remember for a long time to come. They can leave a lasting impression on your attendees in several ways.

First, door gifts are permanent and tangible objects, relative to the merely intangible memory that your attendees will have of your event. People participate in a multitude of events, and it is more likely than not that, without the presence of door gifts, your event will fail to stand out among the other occasions that your attendees have attended.

Second, door gifts are memorable and impactful in and of themselves. A door gift is a token of appreciation and granting one of these to your attendees will surely be indicative of your sincerity and goodwill. Regardless of who they are, your event attendees will almost certainly be happy to receive a small gift for free.

Third, door gifts, should they be useful, will be kept by the attendee for a prolonged period of time. Small objects such as pens, mugs and the like are useful in their own ways. Furthermore, they are customisable, and your company name or event name can be printed upon these, so as to create a link between the object and the event at which it was handed out.

Should the attendee integrate the usage of these into their daily lives, then such printing on the object will mean that the event stays within their minds for a long time to come.

At Edmaro, we offer an impressive range of door gifts to suit all your door-gifting needs. Our range includes conventional items such as pens and mugs, but it also extends to a few more expensive items such as shirts, portable storage drives, Bluetooth speakers and the like.

Edmaro is the perfect avenue at which door gifts can be procured, for a number of reasons. First, the extremely wide variety of items that we have on sale makes it more than likely that an event organiser will be able to find on our site a door gift that suits his fancy.

In fact, given the hundreds of types of items that we have in stock, there will definitely be no trouble involved in an event organiser’s efforts to procure door gifts through our site. Second, our door gifts are priced fairly. We recognise that door gifts are items that are most commonly purchased in mass quantity.

As such, cost and budget is usually a concern. Fortunately, we have a large number of items that cost somewhere between the $3 to $6 range, and this should suffice to suit most event organisers’ needs.

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The Novelty of Door Gifts

Door gifts are little tokens or novelties that are intended to show a little appreciation and make the other party’s experience that bit more memorable. In selecting what type of door gift is appropriate, several things should be taken into account.

First, cost. A door gift will usually be given to all the participants or attendees of an event. This usually means that the door gifts must be given out in large quantity. In this sense, the expense involved can quickly spiral out of control if this preliminary consideration is not taken care of right from the start. Hence, door gifts should be reasonably inexpensive for the sake of practicality. Second, memorability.

A door gift is an excellent opportunity to enhance the impact that the event has on each individual attendee. The memorability of door gifts can be attributed to one of several characteristics. If the door gift is useful enough to see continued use by the for an extended period of time, then it will certainly serve as a regular reminder of the event from which he obtained it from. This can also be further accentuated by the use of some element of customisation within the door gift.

For example, it could include some form of custom printing or identification on the gift itself. Such an act also has the benefit of turning a typically mundane or everyday item into a slightly novel door gift.

Third, how well the gift is suited for the target audience. A pen, for example, may perhaps be more suited for a corporate event than, for instance, an apron. To award your guests door gifts that are appropriate for the occasion will maximise its impact significantly more than would be the case otherwise.

No matter the type of door gifts that you have chosen for your event’s attendees, Edmaro has a wide selection of door gifts available that is sure to meet your needs. Several of the aspects of our service that draw our customers to purchase our products will be listed as follows. First, our door gifts are relatively affordable.

A large portion of our selection ranges from $3 to $6. This makes it financially viable for corporate event organisers and the like to procure a lot of such door gifts for the attendees of their event. Second, we boast an extremely large range of products.

Apart from the usual door gifts such as pens and stress balls, we also include within our selection a certain amount of more expensive items such as shirts, portable storage drives and the like. The effect of this is that purchasers are highly likely to immediately find what they want just from taking a quick browse through our catalogue.

Third, the door gifts we offer at Edmaro are available in very large quantity. The purchase quantity can be chosen by the customer to suit his needs, but we have set our default quantity as 100.

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8 Door Gifts For Your Next Corporate Event

Door gifts are generally intended for many, so picking one can be a challenge. It’s always a conflict between individual preferences and something that will please everyone. Above all, it also has to be genderless and ageless within a specific budget.

Personalised coaster

If your event is aimed at a group of foodie marketers, consider a personalised coaster to accompany their next fancy drink or cocktail. Everyone wants to feel like Don Draper or Joan Holloway once in a while.

Collapsible water bottle

Collapsible water bottles are the best invention since sliced bread. They don’t take up much space so you can simply port them around to keep yourselves hydrated.

Notebook and pen

When your audience is made up of a bunch of creatives, a notebook and pen is always welcomed so they can keep their schedule organised or jot down ideas in between meetings.

Business card holder

We understand how it’s all about the online presence nowadays but most people actually still require a tangible business card to network. That also means needing something or somewhere to hold them.

Photo frame

Sprucing up one’s desk or workspace with a framed photo of a loved one wouldn’t hurt, especially when you’re swamped with deadlines and you need a boost of motivation to press on and get through a tough day in the office.

Personalised mug

A personalised coffee mug is a great way to keep yourself in someone else’s thoughts while they get their sufficient dose of caffeine.


Both men and women can never have enough of handy pouches—they can be used as an alternative to your wallet when you dash out to the grocery store or run errands, as a mini makeup purse or even to hold your valuables when you are travelling.


Help your attendee manoeuvre through the year with a calendar to plan their daily schedule and keep track of important dates.

We understand that the attendees of your corporate event mean a lot to you and naturally, you want to show them a sense of appreciation. Edmaro is a good place to start if you are seeking door gifts that will make lasting impressions for any sort of corporate event in Singapore.

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8 Corporate Gift Ideas For The Health Conscious Client

There is truly no better corporate gift for your client than the gift of fitness. If you think about it, fitness yields long-term benefits and can be major productivity booster at the workplace. If you find yourself stumped by what to get your gym-obsessed, Crossfit-loving client, here’s some direction to get you started without bruising your wallet:

Smart bracelet

If your client is someone who is into staying active, a compact and wearable gift like a smart bracelet takes the cake. With functions like distance tracking and calorie consumption management, this one is definitely a go-to for fitness trackers who want to keep a log of their total daily activity.

Gym/toiletries pouch

If your client travels to and from the gym on a regular basis, a dual-functional pouch with detachable pockets can serve to store your gym clothes as well as your toiletries all in one place.   

Shaker bottle

Nobody likes chewing on unmixed clumps in their protein drink. The blender ball in the shaker bottle ensures that the whey or protein supplements in your drink are mixed well with a good jiggle.

Shoe bag

A breathable shoe bag is particularly handy to stash dirty shoes, especially after a sweaty workout routine. Use this bag to separate them from your clean clothes as you haul them home from the gym.


An armband consists of various compartments for you to keep your valuables like your smartphone, cards and money close while you’re working out a sweat.

Microfibre Towel

Keep cool and dry throughout a workout with a microfibre towel that is super absorbent and dries quicker than the average towel. It also packs well into a compact size so you can even bring it along when you’re travelling or camping.  

Stress balls

Help your client channel their inner built-up tension with a pair of wellness stress balls. They’re great to help you get through intense moments to lessen the effects of stress on the mind and body.


Everyone has a workout playlist to get them pumping at the gym. An affordable pair of fashionable and functional earphones might just be the lift your client needs to face their fitness pursuits.

Are you inspired yet? These no-fail fitness gifts will definitely breathe new life into your client’s workout regimen. Visit Edmaro to see tons of wonderful corporate gifts for fitness buffs across a range of prices.

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9 Corporate Gift Ideas For The Travelling Client

Brimming with originality and thoughtfulness, here are our recommendations for the best corporate gifts specifically for the travel-savvy client:

Portable Charger

Sometimes it’s good to just stick to the important things. The avid traveller needs to constantly remain charged on the go so having more of this won’t hurt. You’ll never know when your client might get caught at a layover or missed connection.

Travel adapter

This comes as a no-brainer especially if you know that your client is a frequent globetrotter. It is a converter that you can plug in almost everywhere in the world so they don’t have to worry about charging no matter their destination.

Anti-theft backpack

With a hidden zipper and illuminate bar, the anti-theft backpack is not just your average backpack. It even comes with an external port so you can charge your devices on the go. Essentially, it’s equipped with cutting-edge utilities so your client is ready to set off for his next adventure.


Everyday travellers will appreciate a pair of headphones to help them drown out the roaring jet engines and endure long flights to the melodies of Beethoven.

World map pen

This pen that is intricately designed with the world map surpasses the ordinary pen in terms of style and creativity. It is also reasonably priced although it appears more costly than it actually is.

Universal Clip Lens

Encourage your travelling client to capture those memories abroad with the universal clips lens that will transform the camera lens of your smartphone into wide angle, panoramic and fisheye lens. Compatible with the iPhone, Samsung and most smartphones, the universal clip lens will definitely make your clients’ travels more enjoyable.

Personalised Luggage Tag

Get your client a travel accessory like a personalised luggage tag in a fun colour and design. You can even add in a monogram along with it so the gift feels even more personal.

Travel wallet    

A travel wallet is the sleekest way to keep your passport, cards and currencies all in one accessory.

Travel pillow

Nail the essentials with a travel pillow. It’s designed to provide your neck with lasting ergonomic support in all the right ways, in any given environment. What’s more, it can be folded into a compact size that easily fits into a hand carry with no fuss.

At Edmaro, we have a wide selection of corporate gifts that is sure to thrill any jet setter. Look no further than our website for an inventory packed with plenty of corporate gift options for every budget.

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The 4-Step Door Gifts Checklist

We understand how a struggle it can be to select the perfect door gift. There are countless of concerns and considerations to take note of that you sometimes find yourself back at square one after cracking your brain. This 3-step door gifts checklist aims to make the whole process a much simpler affair so you can narrow down your choices and ultimately pick the perfect door gift.


Many gifts fall flat because too much focus is placed on sentimentality rather than practicality. In fact, people tend to favour gifts that are easier to use more than complex ones that might take too much of their time to figure out. Consider a door gift they never knew they needed, one they might never actually purchase for themselves.


Any gift that you present to someone reflects on your personality so avoid a low-quality gift that might impair your image (and offend your recipients!). You want a gift that is able to withstand time and heavy usage as much as possible. Although a gift that is cheap might indicate that its quality is being jeopardised, it is not wise to break your budget for something too lavish either.


Being creative and practical doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive so remember to keep an eye out for something with artistic value. You should even go for a surprise element if you’re feeling bold because predictability can be such a buzzkill. Additionally, if you happen to know your recipients well (e.g. a themed event), you might want to consider picking a gift that matches their character/traits to let them know you notice that aspect of them.


Your recipient will be more grateful if you put in the effort to Include a little bit of yourself in the gift so they can attach a memory to it, making the gift even more valuable. If you want to show a little appreciation to them for taking the time to come to your event, a simple ‘Thank you’ engraved on the door gift can go a long way.

Gifting goes beyond just the physical exchange of objects—it’s a way of communicating a message to the recipient of the gift. Essentially, the whole idea of picking out a door gift is to have a little perceptiveness; think out of the box and stray away from the conventional. Visit Edmaro to view the eclectic mix of door gifts that we have to offer.