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The 4-Step Door Gifts Checklist


We understand how a struggle it can be to select the perfect door gift. There are countless of concerns and considerations to take note of that you sometimes find yourself back at square one after cracking your brain. This 3-step door gifts checklist aims to make the whole process a much simpler affair so you can narrow down your choices and ultimately pick the perfect door gift.


Many gifts fall flat because too much focus is placed on sentimentality rather than practicality. In fact, people tend to favor gifts that are easier to use more than complex ones that might take too much of their time to figure out. Consider a door gift they never knew they needed, one they might never actually purchase for themselves.


Any gift that you present to someone reflects on your personality so avoid a low-quality gift that might impair your image (and offend your recipients!). You want a gift that is able to withstand time and heavy usage as much as possible. Although a gift that is cheap might indicate that its quality is being jeopardised, it is not wise to break your budget for something too lavish either.


Being creative and practical doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive so remember to keep an eye out for something with artistic value. You should even go for a surprise element if you’re feeling bold because predictability can be such a buzzkill. Additionally, if you happen to know your recipients well (e.g. a themed event), you might want to consider picking a gift that matches their character/traits to let them know you notice that aspect of them.


Your recipient will be more grateful if you put in the effort to Include a little bit of yourself in the gift so they can attach a memory to it, making the corporate gift even more valuable. If you want to show a little appreciation to them for taking the time to come to your event, a simple ‘Thank you’ engraved on the door gift can go a long way.

Gifting goes beyond just the physical exchange of objects—it’s a way of communicating a message to the recipient of the gift. Essentially, the whole idea of picking out a door gift is to have a little perceptiveness; think out of the box, and stray away from the conventional. Visit Edmaro to view the eclectic mix of door gifts that we have to offer.

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