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4 Tips When Choosing the Perfect Corporate Gift

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We know how disheartening it can get when you wish nothing but to deliver joy to your employees and clients, but your corporate gifts end up in a dusty corner of the office to much dismay. Fret not. Here are some points to ponder upon when purchasing your next corporate gift:

Pick A Usable Gift

Do not underestimate everyday items like an umbrella or a tote bag. These are actually items that people can utilise on-the-go and are more likely to be appreciated in the long run. On the contrary, swanky gifts like a fancy ornament are less practical and might just be forgotten and left to dust on a shelf somewhere. The trick when it comes to corporate gifts is to stay simple and conventional in a genuinely thoughtful manner without going over the top.

Portray A Sense Of Originality & Taste

This would be the perfect opportunity to think out of the box and get creative—but don’t get ahead of yourselves. Your corporate gift shouldn’t be too bizarre, yet still unique enough to appeal to the general masses. For instance, choosing a document bag that comes in a loud, statement-making print might not be the best idea because it doesn’t match everyone’s style and personality. With that being said, do not be afraid to be bold and steer clear of products in dull, monotonous colours. Additionally, you could provide a corporate gift in multiple colours or designs so your employee or client can pick according to their preference.

Imprint Your Brand

When choosing a corporate gift, you might want to consider picking a product which you can customise with your company’s logo. Depending on the item, your brand or logo might compromise it’s appeal, so be very cautious of what you decide to stamp on the corporate gift. You do not want to be too overly promotional.

Stay Within your Budget

Before you go on the hunt for a suitable corporate gift, ensure that you are aware of the required quantity as well as the total budget that you are working with. Whether you are leaning towards a low cost or high-priced corporate gift, there is always the right option for your preferred price point. A cheaper item does not necessarily mean you have to settle for something mundane. (Stationery can come in out-of-the-ordinary designs too!) If you have the extra budget to spare, perhaps you could go the extra mile and opt for something with value and longevity, like a limited edition pen. Buying items in a bulk is one viable way for you to save some costs on your corporate gifts.

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