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8 Corporate Gift Ideas For The Health Conscious Client

BGTS088 Foldable tote Bag

There is truly no better corporate gift for your client than the gift of fitness. If you think about it, fitness yields long-term benefits and can be major productivity booster at the workplace. If you find yourself stumped by what to get your gym-obsessed, Crossfit-loving client, here’s some direction to get you started without bruising your wallet:

Smart bracelet

If your client is someone who is into staying active, a compact and wearable gift like a smart bracelet takes the cake. With functions like distance tracking and calorie consumption management, this one is definitely a go-to for fitness trackers who want to keep a log of their total daily activity.

Gym/toiletries pouch

If your client travels to and from the gym on a regular basis, a dual-functional pouch with detachable pockets can serve to store your gym clothes as well as your toiletries all in one place.   

Shaker bottle

Nobody likes chewing on unmixed clumps in their protein drink. The blender ball in the shaker bottle ensures that the whey or protein supplements in your drink are mixed well with a good jiggle.

Shoe bag

A breathable shoe bag is particularly handy to stash dirty shoes, especially after a sweaty workout routine. Use this bag to separate them from your clean clothes as you haul them home from the gym.


An armband consists of various compartments for you to keep your valuables like your smartphone, cards and money close while you’re working out a sweat.

Microfibre Towel

Keep cool and dry throughout a workout with a microfibre towel that is super absorbent and dries quicker than the average towel. It also packs well into a compact size so you can even bring it along when you’re travelling or camping.  

Stress balls

Help your client channel their inner built-up tension with a pair of wellness stress balls. They’re great to help you get through intense moments to lessen the effects of stress on the mind and body.


Everyone has a workout playlist to get them pumping at the gym. An affordable pair of fashionable and functional earphones might just be the lift your client needs to face their fitness pursuits.

Are you inspired yet? These no-fail fitness gifts will definitely breathe new life into your client’s workout regimen. Visit Edmaro to see tons of wonderful corporate gifts for fitness buffs across a range of prices.

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