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8 Door Gifts For Your Next Corporate Event


Door gifts are generally intended for many, so picking one can be a challenge. It’s always a conflict between individual preferences and something that will please everyone. Above all, it also has to be genderless and ageless within a specific budget.

Personalised coaster

If your event is aimed at a group of foodie marketers, consider a personalised coaster to accompany their next fancy drink or cocktail. Everyone wants to feel like Don Draper or Joan Holloway once in a while.

Collapsible water bottle

Collapsible water bottles are the best invention since sliced bread. They don’t take up much space so you can simply port them around to keep yourselves hydrated.

Notebook and pen

When your audience is made up of a bunch of creatives, a notebook and pen is always welcomed so they can keep their schedule organised or jot down ideas in between meetings.

Business card holder

We understand how it’s all about the online presence nowadays but most people actually still require a tangible business card to network. That also means needing something or somewhere to hold them.

Photo frame

Sprucing up one’s desk or workspace with a framed photo of a loved one wouldn’t hurt, especially when you’re swamped with deadlines and you need a boost of motivation to press on and get through a tough day in the office.

Personalised mug

A personalised coffee mug is a great way to keep yourself in someone else’s thoughts while they get their sufficient dose of caffeine.


Both men and women can never have enough of handy pouches—they can be used as an alternative to your wallet when you dash out to the grocery store or run errands, as a mini makeup purse or even to hold your valuables when you are travelling.


Help your attendee manoeuvre through the year with a calendar to plan their daily schedule and keep track of important dates.

We understand that the attendees of your corporate event mean a lot to you and naturally, you want to show them a sense of appreciation. Edmaro is a good place to start if you are seeking corporate gifts that will make lasting impressions for any sort of corporate event in Singapore.

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