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9 Corporate Gift Ideas For The Travelling Client

ITPB020 2 Portable Charger With Torch Light 600x600

Brimming with originality and thoughtfulness, here are our recommendations for the best corporate gifts specifically for the travel-savvy client:

Portable Charger

Sometimes it’s good to just stick to the important things. The avid traveller needs to constantly remain charged on the go so having more of this won’t hurt. You’ll never know when your client might get caught at a layover or missed connection.

Travel adapter

This comes as a no-brainer especially if you know that your client is a frequent globetrotter. It is a converter that you can plug in almost everywhere in the world so they don’t have to worry about charging no matter their destination.

Anti-theft backpack

With a hidden zipper and illuminate bar, the anti-theft backpack is not just your average backpack. It even comes with an external port so you can charge your devices on the go. Essentially, it’s equipped with cutting-edge utilities so your client is ready to set off for his next adventure.


Everyday travellers will appreciate a pair of headphones to help them drown out the roaring jet engines and endure long flights to the melodies of Beethoven.

World map pen

This pen that is intricately designed with the world map surpasses the ordinary pen in terms of style and creativity. It is also reasonably priced although it appears more costly than it actually is.

Universal Clip Lens

Encourage your travelling client to capture those memories abroad with the universal clips lens that will transform the camera lens of your smartphone into wide angle, panoramic and fisheye lens. Compatible with the iPhone, Samsung and most smartphones, the universal clip lens will definitely make your clients’ travels more enjoyable.

Personalised Luggage Tag

Get your client a travel accessory like a personalised luggage tag in a fun colour and design. You can even add in a monogram along with it so the gift feels even more personal.

Travel wallet    

A travel wallet is the sleekest way to keep your passport, cards and currencies all in one accessory.

Travel pillow

Nail the essentials with a travel pillow. It’s designed to provide your neck with lasting ergonomic support in all the right ways, in any given environment. What’s more, it can be folded into a compact size that easily fits into a hand carry with no fuss.

At Edmaro, we have a wide selection of corporate gifts that is sure to thrill any jet setter. Look no further than our website for an inventory packed with plenty of corporate gifts options for every budget.

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