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How to Find the Right Corporate Gift Supplier


It can be quite confusing to choose a corporate gift supplier for the first time since there are many options in the market. You have to choose the supplier that has the most products to offer. To make it easier for you to choose the right products, make sure that the supplier you have specializes in the products that you like to give to your clients and associates. There are instances when it’s just so hard to please clients and they can just withdraw from your business anytime. Through gifts, your clients will be shown appreciation and they’re likely to be loyal to your company. That’s how important it is to choose the right corporate gift supplier:

Variety and Range of Products

You have to check on the range of options you have for corporate gift items when you’re looking for a corporate gift supplier. It’s important for you to choose a supplier who’ll be able to give you different options. You should also have options for customization. A dealer who’ll be able to give you more innovative options and has a great imagination on how to come up with great gifts.

High-Quality Standard

It is also important for a corporate gift supplier to exercise control in quality when it comes to delivery of service. This way you can be assured that your gifts are of high quality since they undergo quality control mechanisms. It is important for the products that your clients will receive to be of high quality since they will be able to help nurture your relationship with them.

Good Reputation

The supplier should also have a good reputation with its current and previous clients. This means that you have to look into how you can be possibly satisfied with its services. You have to know more about the quality of the services they offer. You have to get a feel about what it is like to work with them.

Wide Network of Suppliers

It’s important for the supplier to have a wide network of suppliers and clients. If they do have these, it means they won’t run out of supplies and that they offer great service and products as evidenced by the number of clients they have.



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How to End Up with the Best Corporate Gifts in Singapore


Corporate gifts have a large role to play when it comes to ensuring the loyalty of your clients, customers, associates, and employees. You can give corporate gifts in Singapore during special celebrations and corporate events. When you’re able to give your recipients the right kind of corporate gifts they will feel valued and truly appreciated. The company will also be able to enjoy all the marketing benefits of corporate gift giving. Since there are so many options available, it’s important for you to be choosy in your items. Here are some tips to consider for you to find the right corporate gifts in Singapore:

Always think about the recipients.

There’s no single gift that everyone will be able to appreciate. That’s why you have to know to whom you will be giving the corporate gifts and choose the most practical ones that will be appealing to the majority. You can consider the age group to make sure that everyone will be able to use and appreciate the gift.

Figure out which gift options are the best ones.

You can find some gift items that are truly meaningful such as pens, umbrellas, pen holders, cardholders, lanyards, etc. You have to check on all the options you have before you come up with a decision. Always customize the gifts so that they will be able to carry your brand and company image. This is important to consider so that you can also set the right budget accordingly. Also, consider the durability and quality of the gift items vis-à-vis the kind of effect it might give to your recipient. Always choose an item that will be useful and appreciated by the recipient but at the same time convey your marketing message.

Match the said gifts with the brand if it’s possible.

The corporate gifts that truly fit your brand are always of high quality. You may choose journals, planners, diaries, etc.; or you can go for the golf bags, polo shirts, and gym bags. The technique is to be always original in your gift-giving ideas. Also, don’t forget to spend time thinking about the presentation; it is as valuable as the gift itself.


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Important Questions to Ask Your Corporate Gift Supplier


Before you decide on ordering your first bulk order of corporate gifts from a corporate gift supplier, it’s important to ask some questions to make sure that you are on the right track. Doing so will help you save time, resources, and some unnecessary expenses.

How much should I pay for the overall costs and do I get a sign-off document from the right authority?

This means that you have to check the gift giving policy of your company and that of your recipients. Take note if it is prohibited or not and if there are limits to the value of the gift and permissible dates to give gifts. It’s also necessary to have a formal and written sign-off from the right authority before you order the first bulk of gifts.

How many gifts should I prepare for my clients?

You have to finalize the list of recipients with the boss; it’s not easy to come up with a number and send it to the supplier only to be changed later as the boss adds more to names. Always come up with a contingency plan and also it helps to have some spare gifts just in case some new names get into the picture.

Does the corporate gift supplier charge extra for delivery services?

You should not forget about this factor; this is especially true when you have to gift recipients all over the globe. You have to check on several factors that are related to it such as where the deliveries are going when was the last time your database was updated, if the supplier delivers the items and if they also track it, the location of the supplier, and if they have express and standard delivery services, and of course you have to ask about the rates.

How should I choose which items to give?

It can be mind-boggling to choose among the many gift options available. Start by narrowing down your list of options whether you like the gifts to be more specific or you want them to be generic in nature. It helps to have a theme for gift giving. This will help you reduce the options.

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The Options You Have for Corporate Gifts


There are two major purposes as to why there are corporate gifts in Singapore. The first is that they serve as a reward to your clients and staff, which enables them to feel appreciated for the services they rendered. The second purpose is that they also serve as a tool for reinforced branding and marketing. The corporate items are often not just used by staff and customers but also by potential clients. The following are two aspects to consider when you’re deciding on the kind of corporate gifts in Singapore you like to give:

The Items to Give

Be sure that the item you have in mind is suitable for the recipient of it. You also have to think about not just the appropriateness of the product but also the message that you like to be included with the gift. You can find a huge array of corporate items to choose from that will be able to show the appreciation intended for your particular recipient.

The Popular Items to Choose

Branded Wine Glasses- It’s an elegant gift that will be appreciated by employees who like to have a drink every now and then. You can brand the item with the appropriate message that you like to send to your recipients.

Parker Promotional Pens- Once you go, Parker, it means that you are going for elegance and quality and consequently they signify value towards your recipients. If you’re going to buy in bulk and straight from the supplier you will notice that the prices are still within the economical range. In fact, you have more buying power when you buy directly from the suppliers.

Engraved Key Rings- Through this you can engrave the company name or logo or a short message you like to be expressed. This is an option that’s good for both the employees and customers. Such corporate gifts can also be placed in gift boxes that can add more to its appeal and value. This type of gift is great for both the employees and customers.

Desk Clocks- This type of gift is useful to many customers of the company. You can easily place your company information on these desk clocks.

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The Best Tips to Choosing a Gift Supplier


When it comes to buying corporate gifts, it’s necessary to choose a corporate gift supplier who is trustworthy and dependable at all times. You may have the best ideas about a corporate gift and a campaign that goes with it, but without the right corporate gifts supplier this can make or break the entire deal. You’ll have to spend a huge amount of money for any of your promotional product. That’s why it’s only important that you choose a supplier to whom you’ll spend every penny on. This supplier should be able to support you at all times and ensure that you achieve success in your goals. Here are some tips that will make sure that you end up with the right supplier of corporate gifts:

Client Satisfaction

Make sure that the supplier you choose has a high satisfaction rate from its customers both in the past and the current ones. You have to be aware also of word of mouth advertising. Through this you will know the supplier that most people talk about. You will also know about the quality of service that they offer. You would be able to find out if they sent the items on time and if they were able to meet the requirements of the client.

Variety of Items Sold

It’s important for a supplier to be able to offer options for the products. They should be able to offer variety and customization for the corporate gift items as well. If they’re able to provide you with many different options, it shows their innovation, creativity, and ingenuity. They also don’t stick to whatever is conventional and they are totally open to many possibilities.

Solid Quality Control

Quality control is highly significant for any corporate gift supplier. Clients would always expect the highest quality for their products to be used for promotion. This requires quality control every step of the way.

Solid and Dependable Manpower

Despite the advent of technology and the presence of high-performance machines and equipment, it can’t be denied that people implement such systems for them to be able to produce what they expected.


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Choosing Among the Different Corporate Gift Options


If you’re new to a company and you were given a welcome gift, you certainly won’t like it to be a mug. The mug would only be a problem for you since you have a whole cupboard of them at home. It is necessary for presidents, managers, partners, and customers and even any particular individual with a corporate entity to be knowledgeable about this. The advances in technology has enabled a lot of options for corporate gifts. Here are some of the best ones you can have:

Gift Baskets

These are considered as generic gift items. A professional individual would be given A professional would be totally delighted to receive a collection of delicious treats and presents that can be useful too. Examples of the gift basket are wine gift baskets, cookie gift baskets, and cheese gift baskets.

Promotional Gifts and Corporate Logo Gifts

These are excellent options that fall under several categories. This kind of gifts largely promotes the company to its prospects. Such gifts also show appreciation to its current clientele and business associates and partners. A business promotional gift usually has the company logo, name, and even a tagline that can be posted, engraved, or printed on it. The following are some of the great options you can have for promotional corporate gifts: pens, desk clocks, golf-related gift items, business cards, duffle bags, watches, and others.

Personalized Corporate Gifts

These are totally different from the promotional gift items since they are directed towards the individuals and not intended for promoting a business. There are many personalized gifts that you may opt to have; they just need to have the name or the initials of the person you’re giving it to. Personalized gifts may be any of the following: desk clocks, flasks, cuff links, USB drives, watches, tote bags, leather goods, etc. You just have to make sure that the corporate gift supplier in Singapore you choose has personalizing equipment to do the job.

Selected Wine Corporate Gifts

This could be wine accessories, wine totes, wine gift baskets, and also wine picnic baskets. Just make sure that the recipient loves to have a drink every now and then.


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How to Find the Right Corporate Gift Supplier


If you’re searching for a corporate gift supplier, you need not worry since there are hundreds of options available for you. But it is quite important that you choose a gift supplier that’s reliable and trustworthy.

In general, you spend a lot of cash to buy the products to give. You of course have to make sure that each penny you have is spent on the right product. At the same time, you also have to make sure that you can be successful with the purchase even before making it. So how can you choose the right gift supplier to deal with? Here are some of the most useful tips for you to consider:

How Many Options Are Available

One other vital aspect to look into is if the supplier has many choices for you to choose as corporate gifts. This will enable you to choose a gift based on the varying interests of your clients. If a supplier can give you a lot of options, this shows how much credibility and knowledge it has about its products. The supplier has to be open-minded about coming up with products that are unique and attractive to people which can attract more buyers.

The Best and Right Marketing Strategy Used

So far, the best marketing strategy for any successful business is word of mouth. Hence, it’s good for you to check on all the satisfied and unsatisfied customers of the gift supplier you’re considering to hire. This is the best way for you to acquire the best feedback from his former and existing customers. You would also be able to find out about the quality of service that the supplier has been providing its customers. This will also clarify some doubts you may have about the chosen supplier.

Quality of the Products Sold

A gift supplier has to ensure the quality of its gift products to be able to generate more sales and to expand its business. It is also necessary for the supplier to be equipped and ready for supplying huge demands of the products.

Workers’ Skills, Experience, and Training

It’s important to choose a supplier that employs workers that are experienced, skilled, and well trained since this will ensure top-quality products.

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Connecting To Your Employees Through Corporate Gifts


One of the reasons why companies give away corporate gifts to their employees is to show their appreciation of them. Moreover, giving away these gifts help you connect with your employees, bonding with them, sharing something special with them. That is why, when choosing the gift you will give them, it matters that you put in effort to get your message of appreciation across through your gifts. And so, here are some gift ideas to help you make them feel your appreciation.

Send Out Personalized Gifts

The best way that you can express your gratitude and appreciation for your employees is by coming up with personalized corporate gifts for them. While this may be a bit more difficult to do as it requires a lot of effort and time, this also helps you show your employees that you genuinely care for them. By coming up with gifts that are especially designed or crafted for them, you make them realize that you really know them and that you care enough for them to really bother getting to know them.

Do Not Just Focus on Your Employee

While it is essential that you come up with gifts that your employees will love, you can also think of gifts that more people will like. You can give away gifts that your employees’ friends and families will like and can also use. This makes these gifts even more loveable and practical for your employees, therefore having your efforts in giving the same, better appreciated.

Put Some Element of Surprise

Sometimes giving gifts on random occasions, or when there is no occasion at all, is nice. This makes people better see that you are reaching out to them by giving them gifts and making them feel good, even when there’s no occasion at all. Such will make them appreciate the gesture better and thus allows you to build a better relationship with them.

Given the important messaging that giving corporate gifts convey, you should make it a point to get only the best items that the recipients would love. One way to do that is by buying only the highest-quality gift items that don’t just look good, it works well, and durable too. Edmaro is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality corporate gift Singapore. When you shop with us, you get nice, personalized, high-quality items for less. We also have a wide collection of products that you can choose from, making shopping easy and worry-free. So go and visit Edmaro now and get that unique corporate gift for your employees now.

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Corporate Gifts Singapore: Wrapping Those Gifts Up


It is always a nice feeling to be able to give something away and make people happy. That is why corporate gift-giving has been a common practice in Singapore and almost everywhere else. This is also the reason why people are putting the effort in choosing the gifts that they would give away. This way one can show their appreciation of another. But did you know that shopping for wrappers and packages are just as important as shopping for the actual gifts?

Wrapping It Up Well

Wrapping your gifts up is an important thing to do. Though it may seem trivial, exerting effort in wrapping those gifts show how much you really care for the people that you are giving those gifts to. It can make them appreciate your gifts even better, making sure that your intention is understood. That is why more and more people are putting much attention to gift wrapping as much as they do give attention to the gift itself. And so, here are some items that would help you better wrap those gifts up.

Paper Boxes

Simple, yet gets the job done. Available in different shapes and sizes, these boxes can hold all of your gift items, big or small. Whatever your gifts may be, there is an available paper box to hold it. When you purchase these boxes and put your gifts in, the only thing that would be missing is the actual gift wrapper. There are also boxes with stylish designs and looks good enough, without the need for wrappers.

Flash Disk Boxes

Flash disks or thumb drives are some of, if not the most popular gift items of today. While most just need wrappers to cover the original packaging, you can try and exert a little bit more effort to make these look better and classier. You can choose from different shapes and sizes, with shaped insides to hold the thumb drives in place. After putting the flash drive in it, you can choose to wrap it up with a wrapper to complete the look, or just tie a ribbon on the box and you’re all set.

We have all seen the value of wrapping your corporate gifts well. Edmaro understands that and so, we are carrying items that you may need to wrap your gifts well. Other than our collection of corporate gifts Singapore items, we also have paper, pen, and flash drive boxes, paper bags, and other items to better wrap your gifts. Enjoy gifts and these items at the best possible prices only from Singapore’s leading source of corporate gifts, Edmaro.

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Where Is The Best Place To Shop For Corporate Gifts?


Shopping for corporate gifts is a common, at least annual, activity that business owners or corporations have to deal with. Imagine the dilemma about choosing the particular corporate gift that you will be giving away. You also have to deal with the designs, as well as your firm’s logo that will be imprinted on those items. Sadly, you still have to worry about where you will be shopping for those corporate gift items.

The Dilemma of Choosing Your Source for Corporate Gifts

Though it seems petty, choosing where to shop for a corporate gift supplier can really be a dilemma for those who does the purchasing. This is the case because these decision-makers have to deal with certain details about them shopping for these items. They have to look for the best items to give away to your employees. They also have to be conscious of the prices of these items. Are these items priced perfectly to fit your budget allocation for corporate gifts? You see, choosing where to source your gifts can be a really complicated task to do.

Find a Corporate Gift Supplier Based in Singapore

Finding the best place to shop for corporate gifts can be hard. However, you should find one because this will help you get the best items to represent your organization. But how can you do find them? Well, first up, you should prioritize the suppliers that are based in Singapore. This is important as it makes communication and coordination easy for you. When the need arises it is comforting to know that your suppliers are just in the country, reachable when you need them.

The Shop Should Have the Widest Selection of Gift Ideas

Choosing the corporate gift for your organization can be easier if you have a ton of choices and various ways to customize the same. Having limited choices can be quite frustrating as it keeps you from coming up with the corporate gift that you really want.

Your quest for the supplier of corporate gifts in Singapore may have just ended because Edmaro is here. Based in Singapore, we have the widest selection of products that you can choose from, making the task of shopping for corporate gifts, easier. Being a member of the Singapore Promo Gifts Association since 2012 makes us one of the best sources for all of your corporate gift ideas. So if you still are looking where to get your corporate gifts from, you can always head down to Edmaro’s site and start an enjoyable shopping experience.