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Check out our latest Gift – Puzzle Post IT Pad


Life is a puzzle, wouldn’t you agree? With this latest gift we have in stock, perhaps it is literally true.

Coming in a brown, recycled cardboard box, the Puzzle Post IT Pad contains 8 puzzle piece shapes of different sizes and shapes. Some may think of these shapes like the ones from Tetris, such as an L shaped block, a T shaped block, a Z shaped block and so on. These can be arranged in several ways in order to form new shapes and images. Also included 100 sticky notes to write on.

So what is the appeal of such a gift? Well, for one thing, it is a very novel and unique gift. Most people would not expect a corporate gift to involve “fun” and “entertainment”, they tend to be practical objects, sometimes with symbolic value. Yet here is a gift with these features and more.

Not to say it isn’t a practical gift in and of itself. For those working in artistic jobs, writers block and other such creative problems is an issue. One way to combat it is to take their minds off the subject for a moment and do something else. Perhaps in the process of forming new shapes and solving the puzzle, your recipient could have a brainstorm and breakthrough that allows him to tackle his issue effectively. And what a coincidence, as it turns out, with sticky notes available nearby, he is also able to write down his new ideas and thoughts ASAP instead of forgetting about them by searching for additional pieces of paper to write them on.

If you wish to foster creativity in your clients or employees, consider picking up a Puzzle Post IT Pad. We’re certain it’ll get the job done!

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