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Choosing Among the Different Corporate Gift Options

If you’re new to a company and you were given a welcome gift, you certainly won’t like it to be a mug. The mug would only be a problem for you since you have a whole cupboard of them at home. It is necessary for presidents, managers, partners, and customers and even any particular individual with a corporate entity to be knowledgeable about this. The advances in technology has enabled a lot of options for corporate gifts. Here are some of the best ones you can have:

Gift Baskets

These are considered as generic gift items. A professional individual would be given A professional would be totally delighted to receive a collection of delicious treats and presents that can be useful too. Examples of the gift basket are wine gift baskets, cookie gift baskets, and cheese gift baskets.

Promotional Gifts and Corporate Logo Gifts

These are excellent options that fall under several categories. This kind of gifts largely promotes the company to its prospects. Such gifts also show appreciation to its current clientele and business associates and partners. A business promotional gift usually has the company logo, name, and even a tagline that can be posted, engraved, or printed on it. The following are some of the great options you can have for promotional corporate gifts: pens, desk clocks, golf-related gift items, business cards, duffle bags, watches, and others.

Personalized Corporate Gifts

These are totally different from the promotional gift items since they are directed towards the individuals and not intended for promoting a business. There are many personalized gifts that you may opt to have; they just need to have the name or the initials of the person you’re giving it to. Personalized gifts may be any of the following: desk clocks, flasks, cuff links, USB drives, watches, tote bags, leather goods, etc. You just have to make sure that the corporate gift supplier in Singapore you choose has personalizing equipment to do the job.

Selected Wine Corporate Gifts

This could be wine accessories, wine totes, wine gift baskets, and also wine picnic baskets. Just make sure that the recipient loves to have a drink every now and then.


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