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Corporate Gift Galore!

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What is a corporate gift?

A corporate gift is a gift given to show appreciation. Corporate gift in Singapore is also known as a business gift. It is something thoughtful given by employers to employees as a means of appreciation towards all their hard work in boosting the company’s performance. A corporate gift in Singapore is also given to clients of the company to value them and to appreciate their choice to continue being the clients of the company.

A lot of thought needs to be put into choosing and delivering the corporate gift since it holds great meaning and value. Cheap and tacky gifts will be frowned upon and will definitely showcase the insincerity of the giver. This will reflect badly in the business relationship or in the work atmosphere. It is indeed like treading on a bare thread but worry not! We, at Edmaro, are here to make the issue of choosing a corporate gift in Singapore easy for you!

How to buy a corporate gift?

As we mentioned earlier, handing out the corporate gift in Singapore is a tricky business. We have some pointers for you so that you do not gain a negative reputation for giving out the wrong and distasteful corporate gift to your employees and clients. Firstly, always think whether a particular gift will make a good gift for your own family member? Will your family members be delighted upon receiving the gift? Will they be put off with the gift? Will the gift gain you a hug from your uncle or your niece?

Another pointer is to never give inexpensive and mass-produced items to the employees and clients as a corporate gift. These items are suitable as promotional gifts but definitely not as corporate gifts. Giving cheap and mass-produced items to your valued employees and clients will be offensive and is an act that can be considered as undermining their contribution to the well-being of your company.

Edmaro products

Since there are just too many aspects to consider and too many risks involved when it comes to corporate gifts in Singapore, we are here to make choosing a corporate gifts in Singapore easier by leaps and bounds. Our products include branded shirts, caps, jackets, Polo tee, towels, acrylic awards, badges or pins, crystals, door gifts calendars, coasters, cutlery set, keychain or key pouch, luggage tag, and stress balls, metal pens, and pens with the stylus, bottles, flask or tumbler, and mugs.

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