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Corporate Gift Ideas That Should Make Your Shortlists


Shopping for corporate gifts can be a bit tricky as finding interesting and affordable items can be quite complicated. Well, do not worry for here at Edmaro, we have the widest selection of gift items that you can choose from to give a way as your corporate gifts. Here are just some gift ideas that you may want to give away.

Multi-purpose Cables

One of the things that you need to always have with you is a charging or data cable that you will need to keep your mobile devices charged up. But you cannot just carry with you any kind of charging cable as the type of connectors of the different iOS and Android devices do vary. Good thing that there is an available 3-in-1 cable that are available for your needs. This cable allows charging and data access for iOS devices and Android-based gadgets. Affordable and easy-to-carry, this may be everything that you need in a very compact package. This also makes as a great corporate gifts as the need for charging your device is almost everyone’s problem lately.

Digital Luggage Scale

Are you a frequent flyer? Are you always on the move? Is packing and not breaching the luggage limit has been a frequent dilemma for you? Then this digital luggage scale will definitely be a good travel companion for you! Comes in different designs and features, these scales will help you keep your luggage’s weight in check, preventing excess baggage issues. A travel essential, this is definitely going to be a good corporate gift idea that’s both useful and cool.

Waterproof Mobile Gadget Bags

Are you the type of person who cannot let go of using your gadgets? Are you afraid to have your gadgets wet with rain or when you try to have fun in the beach or the pool? Then you should have this waterproof mobile gadget bag to protect your precious electronics? Affordable and trendy, this is a great corporate gift idea to give away to your workers.

If you agree that these good corporate gift ideas, then you should head now to the best corporate gifts supplier in Singapore, Edmaro. We have the widest selection of gift items that you can choose from. Available at the best possible prices, we have been the leading supplier of corporate gifts in Singapore by huge firms in the country. So if it is corporate gift items that you want, then you should go and visit Edmaro’s site now.

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