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Corporate Gifts Occasions


When do companies give out corporate gifts? Studies have shown that the most common time is as an end-of-year bonus, followed closely by special occasions and holidays. This makes sense when you think about it: after all, a well-timed gift during these periods can really draw out the good cheer and feelings of the holidays itself.

What are some examples of such occasions to participate in Corporate Gifting? Let’s take a look.

Christmas: Doubles as “end of year” and is also a special festive event for most people. Even people who are not of the Christian religion celebrate Christmas due to its pervasiveness. Therefore, it is the perfect time to give out some corporate gifts.

Successful Completion of Project: Corporate gifts can be given out during this event in order to reward employees or to commemorate milestones and achievement.

New Year/Chinese New Year: The start of a brand new year, a chance to make a clean fresh beginning, the symbolic aspect of a Corporate Gift in Singapore on New Year is ripe for potential!

Anniversaries: Has it been 5, maybe 10 years since the company was first founded? Celebrate your continued prosperity and good fortune by participating in an act of corporate gifting!

Other festive holidays: Hari Raya, Deepavali, Good Friday, these are all relevant choices to consider a Corporate Gifting activity on.

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