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Cost Effective Corporate Gifts in Singapore

LFUM032 - silver coated lightweight foldable umbrella

Cost-Effective Corporate Gifts in Singapore

You have a tight budget and you are sourcing for a cost-effective corporate gifts supplier but you are worried that cost-effective corporate gifts will degrade your corporate brand? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place as we have a wide range of corporate gift items with reasonably low price and will also provide you with tips on how you can reduce your gifting cost.

Cost-effective doesn’t mean poor quality or is not able to impress your clients and employees who make your business successful. Let us help you with tips to cut cost and go cost effective on your corporate gift.

Tips for cost-effective corporate gifts
Through our experiences, there are a lot of ways and tips to make corporate gift cost-effective and fall within your tight budget.

  1. Go for a simple corporate gift
    The fact is you don’t have to spend money on a luxury corporate gift or premium corporate gift to impress your client or bring out your branding. Choose simple products that are practical and useful. There are simple and cost-effective corporate gifts that the recipients love it and are chosen years after years as a corporate gift for different corporate events and we have a wide range of these products.
    We handpick some of our popular, value to money and useful products like USB drive, Pen, Mug, lanyard, Popular travel product, and more …
  2. Choosing of color for your logo printing
    The number of colours that you chose to print your logo to customize your corporate gift will affect the cost. So, go for simpler logo printing. Choose one colour imprint logo for printing instead as full color printing will cost you more.
  3. Material of the corporate gift
    The material of gift you chose will also affect the cost. A plastic corporate gift is definitely cheaper than leather or metal. Printing cost on plastic is also cheaper than printing logo on metal and leather products.
  4. Order in bulk
    If you have the quantity, we will be able to lower the price for you even for premium corporate gift items. Go for the bulk gift purchasing, you can have a discount on many items and you will have enough stock to last you for the whole year.
  5. Go for promotion items
    You can consider to go for Corporate gift supplier in Singapore like us who do seasonal promotion to provide more value to customers. Sometimes we would like to clear some of our stocks or we do special discount for our new gift items. Remember that cost effective doesn’t mean low quality as the quality is always our first priority for any of our corporate gift items in the list. Visit our website to see our value product offerings for your selection.

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