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Door Gift Ideas for Christmas Events


During the holiday season in Singapore, parties are a plenty. You can make every event or party more exciting by giving away door gifts. These are those gifts that are often won by people who attend the events. The gifts are given away through a raffle draw. You can give away notepads, pens, key chains, and others. These door gift ideas may also be high-value gifts such as television, cash, gift baskets, and even tickets to concerts. No one can resist the excitement of winning a special prize by just attending an event.

Kitchen Tools and Others

Kitchen utensils and tools will make good door prizes. This can also serve as a promotional item for your business. All you have to do is to engrave the name of the company or the logo. You may also include the contact information. You can go for ice cream scoops and knives or knife sets. Bathroom supplies and accessories will also make good door prizes. You can go for towels for instance. Office tools and supplies are also good gifts to give such as bookends, desk sets, desk calendars, and planners.

The Most Sought After

Among the many door gifts that are often given away, most people will be eager to have tickets for events. You may opt to give away movie tickets, concert tickets, rental gift cards, and also tickets for basketball games. These will certainly bring a smile to any of those who can receive it. You can also give some small sporting items to come with the sports tickets that you are giving away.

The Universal Door Gift

Food gifts are known to be universally loved by recipients. They can come in different means. The most popular among them is the gift basket. There are different items you can place within the baskets: wines, treats, cheeses, fruit, and salad ingredients.

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