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Gift Spotlight – “3 Pcs Gel Highlighter with Screen Cleaner”

WIHL002 Pen with Gel Highlighter

Many students know the value of highlighters during their schooling days – instead of rereading the entire textbook, one only has to “highlight” the relevant passages with a bright colour to make them stand out. On future review, these words will then jump out at you, making it much easier to read relevant info and saving time.

However, traditional highlighters do have issues. For one thing, they tend to smear Ink all over the place, especially on inkjet printed pieces of paper. If your ink keeps smearing all over the place, your notes will be in a bigger mess than if you had left it alone! What can you do in this situation?

Here comes Gel Highlighters! Like the name says, instead of traditional “ink”, Gel Highlighters contain a stick of “gel” with a feeling somewhat similar to Wax Crayons. This “wax” can be spread on paper to create an effect much similar to regular highlighters. However, it has a much lower chance of smearing, especially on inkjet printed materials, making it much more useful outside of the world of education and into the world of business. Just like studying, in the business world you will also use a lot of text documents, so don’t understand the use of such a helpful tool!

Coming in the colours of Blue, Orange and Green, this can add a variety of rainbow-like colours to your documents and highlight the important parts. For those clients and employees whose job is to constantly communicate to others through the use of paper documents, this can be a practical, yet colorful tool! If you think this would be a great boon to them, why not pick up some today as a gift?

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