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Important Questions to Ask Your Corporate Gift Supplier


Before you decide on ordering your first bulk order of corporate gifts from a corporate gift supplier, it’s important to ask some questions to make sure that you are on the right track. Doing so will help you save time, resources, and some unnecessary expenses.

How much should I pay for the overall costs and do I get a sign-off document from the right authority?

This means that you have to check the gift giving policy of your company and that of your recipients. Take note if it is prohibited or not and if there are limits to the value of the gift and permissible dates to give gifts. It’s also necessary to have a formal and written sign-off from the right authority before you order the first bulk of gifts.

How many gifts should I prepare for my clients?

You have to finalize the list of recipients with the boss; it’s not easy to come up with a number and send it to the supplier only to be changed later as the boss adds more to names. Always come up with a contingency plan and also it helps to have some spare gifts just in case some new names get into the picture.

Does the corporate gift supplier charge extra for delivery services?

You should not forget about this factor; this is especially true when you have to gift recipients all over the globe. You have to check on several factors that are related to it such as where the deliveries are going when was the last time your database was updated, if the supplier delivers the items and if they also track it, the location of the supplier, and if they have express and standard delivery services, and of course you have to ask about the rates.

How should I choose which items to give?

It can be mind-boggling to choose among the many gift options available. Start by narrowing down your list of options whether you like the gifts to be more specific or you want them to be generic in nature. It helps to have a theme for gift giving. This will help you reduce the options.

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