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Is it Possible to Motivate Remote Employees?

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With the recent pandemic, many offices have had to close their physical locations and take to the cloud. Others have had to cut down on their physical staff and instead have their employees work remotely. Even some international employees have had to return to their home countries, which could throw a wrench in any company’s plans due to the seemingly impersonal interaction over online video calls. An unmotivated team is undoubtedly an obstacle to delivering quality and efficient work.

Without an office full of workers, it can be difficult to boost a team’s morale in these trying times. Neither is it possible to treat your workers as one could have done in the past – surprising the entire office with corporate gifts, or perhaps bringing the team out for a treat. As an employer, you may have wondered how you can continue to motivate your employees while they are working remotely, if it is even possible. Well, motivating remote employees may be more of a challenge, but we certainly believe it can be done. Here are some of our top recommendations for employers.

Spruce Up Their Working Environment

Most remote employees end up working on their own in their homes, which can get boring after a while. While you may not be able to change your employees’ working environment, what an employer can do is to send them gifts that can motivate them and increase their productivity. What about a massage chair to let them relax at the end of a long day? Or some potted plants to give their desk a little more life? You could even put a care package together with some snacks and drinks to give your employees that extra boost of energy. Whatever you choose to send, it works even better if you give each employee something thoughtful and practical that you know they will use and enjoy.

This also works in your favour by encouraging the employee to reciprocate – meaning that they will likely put in that extra bit of effort into their work. Employees love to be recognised and appreciated, and by giving them something that shows you have taken notice of their work, they will be more inclined to repay the favour and do their best.

Engage Them in Team-Building Activities

Team-building is not only for fun, it also helps to improve productivity by helping your employees feel like they belong. The more your employees view themselves as a crucial and valued part of your team, the more motivated they will be and the more they will enjoy their work. Team-building activities help your employees to get comfortable with the rest of the team that they will be working closely with, increasing the likelihood of positive work relationships as they get to know one another. As such, team-building is an important part of working towards your organisational goals, regardless of the work you are doing or the industry you are in.

It may not be possible to experience the unique camaraderie an office setting brings, but that does not mean employees have to work all on their own. If restrictions permit, you could bring some of the crew out for a relaxing day of team-bonding fun and get to know each other better. Alternatively, engaging everyone in team bonding activities can be as simple as allocating some time during a work break to wind down and chat or play some lighthearted games, even if only online. For instance, you could go with some classics such as Two Truths and One Lie, Charades, or Continue the Story, which can all be done comfortably over online voice or video calls. We recommend doing this on a Friday afternoon or evening, when people are most likely to be feeling the weekend mood and less productive than at the start of the week.

Have a Company-Branded Item Delivered to Them

Giving your employees anything with your company’s logo on it helps to build up that organisational pride. Just like team bonding, bearing something with your company’s branding helps your employees to feel that they are part of the family. This could be anything, from an everyday item such as a water bottle to a team shirt with your company’s motto. Furthermore, you’ll score bonus points with your team if you give each employee something that they personally would like to have.

As we have seen, there are many ways an employer can keep their employees motivated and eager to work, not the least of which is sending them a thoughtful gift. If you are looking for the best corporate gift supplier for your employees, look no further. Shop our selection of beautifully designed corporate gifts in Singapore and find the perfect item to reward your workers with!