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Questions to Ask When Choosing Corporate Gifts


You can certainly give your boss or your company’s VIPs when you give them the best corporate gift in Singapore. However, before you choose any particular item, there are several questions you may have to ask.

1) How much is the total expenses? Do I have a written sign-off from the authorized party?

You have to check the company’s policy on gift-giving to avoid unnecessary expenses and embarrassment. There are companies that limit the number of gifts received. Do this before you engage with any gift supplier. It is also important for you to get a written sign-off of your budget to make the process faster and easier to follow. This can also make it easier for you to handle difficult negotiations or conversations about budget later on. Be sure to get the written sign off from the right person of authority.

2) How many gifts do you truly need?

You have to ask your boss about the number and make sure to add 10 percent contingency of ever there are last minute additions to the list of recipients. Include this 10 percent contingency in your budget.

3) Does the supplier’s rate include the delivery expenses?

You must not forget this important factor to consider. This is particularly true if you have to make a lot of deliveries in varying regions or locations. You have to think about where the deliveries are going and take note of the differences between international delivery and interstate delivery for instance. You should also make sure that the database of your clients is updated especially as regards the addresses on record. You also have to check whether the supplier will be able to track the deliveries. In the same way, you have to be nitpicky on the location of the supplier. You may also need to specify whether you need the standard delivery, express delivery, and if the goods to be delivered are tracked, signed, and insured.

4) How should I choose the corporate gifts?

You can decide first whether you like to be more specific or generic in your choice of corporate gifts. It can be easier on your part if you come up with a single theme.

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