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Regifting – Good or Bad?


Regifting is the act of taking a gift that you received from others, repackaging it and then gifting it to another person. It is a controversial topic in the world of Corporate Gifts – is it notsincere to take what is supposed to be a gift for you and utilize it to give someone else? Is it not rude, both from the person you receive it from and your new target? But numbers don’t lie – 70% or more people participate in the act of regifting.

Of course, the trick here is that there is no reason why your recipient should ever know that the gift you’re giving to him is originally from somewhere else! Separate from that piece of information and taken on its own context, a good gift is still a good gift!

To begin with, make sure you do not make any silly mistakes, such as leaving behind gift cards addressed to your own name or personalized aspects that would tie the gift to you. Those are dead giveaways! Any half-opened gifts should just be thrown out and not be considered, a half open tin of biscuits or perfume will probably come off as a personal insult.

Change the packaging – obviously, more wrapping paper tend to be “destroyed” when the gift is opened so this will probably need to be done anyway, but it can certainly help to disguise the regifting even more. Oh, and just to be safe, if there’s a chance that the gift could become a topic of conversation between the original two parties, it might be best not to do it at all. That is to say, if you receive a corporate gift from your boss, don’t regift it to your co-worker in the same office – things might get awkward.

In the end, use the Golden Rule: Don’t use others as your dumping ground for unwanted gifts, only regift if the gift choice would be something you would actually grant them as a normal corporate gift in the first place!

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