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Happy Gifts Giving !

DWFT081 400ml Tumbler

Corporate gift giving is serious business. As part of a well-considered program, it can help establish or enhance critical relationships and become a cost-effective means of recognizing activities that benefit the business. This article describes the many issues to consider if a corporate gift program is to succeed.

According to numerous surveys, most business gifts are given to major clients. After that comes employees, then prospective clients. Reasons for gift giving range from thanking long-standing customers for their business to recognizing a valued employee for working on a weekend. The basic reason is the same: to affirm relationships and enhance the personal connection between giver and recipient.

Gifts differ from incentives in that they’re offered with no explicit preconditions for performance. They differ from ad specialties in that they don’t contain any blatant imprints or advertising. They differ from recognition in that they’re not part of prescribed programs. But that doesn’t mean there’s no bottom-line benefit to be derived from corporate gift giving. For some companies, it’s an essential part of their marketing strategy. And just about everyone agrees that, done correctly, gift giving is a cost-effective way to build a sense of partnership with valued associates.

Although there’s some hard evidence relating corporate gift giving to increased business activity, it probably won’t give you the ability to make specific return-on-investment projections in your marketing plan.

Surveys have been done for corporate gift givers and recipients. They have shown that vendors who gave were twice as likely to increase their chances of being contacted by recipients as those that didn’t have a gift program. Chances are you won’t be expected to come up with any kind of hard data for this type of program, since the relationship-building pluses are pretty obvious, and the costs are relatively low.

To recognize what an effective gift strategy is, it helps to understand what it isn’t. Start by making the distinction between corporate gift giving and incentive programs. Though gifts and incentive awards often involve similar types of recipients, they differ on both a strategic and practical level. Incentives are awards for achieving defined levels of activity, such as sales quotas, safety improvements, or good attendance. In contrast, gifts are more or less spontaneous, not given as part of any defined arrangement between giver and recipient. The gift recipient doesn’t consciously set goals in anticipation of a reward, whereas the incentive recipient does.

It’s tempting to view gift and incentive programs in the same light. After all, you want to know that you’re getting your money’s worth from any business investment, and most givers want to motivate the recipient in one way or another. But be careful: Leaving customers or employees with the impression that they’re being bribed can do more harm than good. Instead, look at gift-giving as a subtle, long-term process of relationship-building, following the basic guidelines described in this article so that they remain within tasteful and ethical bounds.

Happy Gifts Giving !!!

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Gift – Ballpoint Pen with LED Light

WIPS035 Pen Gift Set ballpoint pen and stylus set

Here’s a pen gift that implements technology in a unique way – Ballpoint Pens with LED Lights. Attached to the back of the pens, the LED Light is able to be displayed even while you write.

What are some usages of this, you ask? Well, you might be able to use it as a quick source of light without having to search for a specific flashlight just to illuminate a place. Or perhaps you can use it in presentations so as to point out something on a display screen. Having a convenient LED light right on your pen is just rife for potential of usage.

Of course, it is still a pen, and so can be used for all things concerning writing such as note taking, writing checks, signing signatures and other such activities.

With a length of 13 cm, these pens come in both black and blue variants so you can use both depending on which colour of ink you require at the time. Think your clients will be interested in such unique gifts? Then why not order a set today?

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Gift Spotlight – “3 Pcs Gel Highlighter with Screen Cleaner”

WIHL002 Pen with Gel Highlighter

Many students know the value of highlighters during their schooling days – instead of rereading the entire textbook, one only has to “highlight” the relevant passages with a bright colour to make them stand out. On future review, these words will then jump out at you, making it much easier to read relevant info and saving time.

However, traditional highlighters do have issues. For one thing, they tend to smear Ink all over the place, especially on inkjet printed pieces of paper. If your ink keeps smearing all over the place, your notes will be in a bigger mess than if you had left it alone! What can you do in this situation?

Here comes Gel Highlighters! Like the name says, instead of traditional “ink”, Gel Highlighters contain a stick of “gel” with a feeling somewhat similar to Wax Crayons. This “wax” can be spread on paper to create an effect much similar to regular highlighters. However, it has a much lower chance of smearing, especially on inkjet printed materials, making it much more useful outside of the world of education and into the world of business. Just like studying, in the business world you will also use a lot of text documents, so don’t understand the use of such a helpful tool!

Coming in the colours of Blue, Orange and Green, this can add a variety of rainbow-like colours to your documents and highlight the important parts. For those clients and employees whose job is to constantly communicate to others through the use of paper documents, this can be a practical, yet colorful tool! If you think this would be a great boon to them, why not pick up some today as a gift?

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Gift Spotlight – “Compact Tool Set in Pouch”

LFMT005 Mini Tool Kit

Mankind is not as strong as an elephant, not as fast as a cheetah and cannot fly like birds can. That is why they invented Tools to give them an advantage. Throughout history, mankind has invented many tools to make his life much easier and to tackle harder problems than what could be possible empty-handed.

As such, Tool Sets tend to bring us back to a more simple time of using your hands to accomplish your physical goals. While we live in a heavily computerized society today, there are still people who enjoy getting their hands dirty as they open up machines and tinker around on the inside.

For those people, we got just the thing! Our new gift “Compact Tool Set in Pouch” comprises of ~14 tools in an easy to wear pouch. Some of the tools include

• Portable Screwdriver
• Measuring Tape
• Cutter Knife
• Socket Adapter
• Torch Light

And many more other useful tools!

Who says that tools need to be huge and bulky? The portability of this toolset means that the recipient can pull it out at any time to tinker with his computer, his bike or motorcycle if and when he needs it, rather than having to go to his house to search it.

We think this is a fantastic gift for people with an engineering and IT backgrounds. If you think you know some people who might fit that category, why not pick up a few of these Tool Sets today?

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Check out our latest Gift – Puzzle Post IT Pad

STNB014 Notebook with Post It Pad and Pen

Life is a puzzle, wouldn’t you agree? With this latest gift we have in stock, perhaps it is literally true.

Coming in a brown, recycled cardboard box, the Puzzle Post IT Pad contains 8 puzzle piece shapes of different sizes and shapes. Some may think of these shapes like the ones from Tetris, such as an L shaped block, a T shaped block, a Z shaped block and so on. These can be arranged in several ways in order to form new shapes and images. Also included 100 sticky notes to write on.

So what is the appeal of such a gift? Well, for one thing, it is a very novel and unique gift. Most people would not expect a corporate gift to involve “fun” and “entertainment”, they tend to be practical objects, sometimes with symbolic value. Yet here is a gift with these features and more.

Not to say it isn’t a practical gift in and of itself. For those working in artistic jobs, writers block and other such creative problems is an issue. One way to combat it is to take their minds off the subject for a moment and do something else. Perhaps in the process of forming new shapes and solving the puzzle, your recipient could have a brainstorm and breakthrough that allows him to tackle his issue effectively. And what a coincidence, as it turns out, with sticky notes available nearby, he is also able to write down his new ideas and thoughts ASAP instead of forgetting about them by searching for additional pieces of paper to write them on.

If you wish to foster creativity in your clients or employees, consider picking up a Puzzle Post IT Pad. We’re certain it’ll get the job done!

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The value of a small gift

“Bigger, better, faster”
That is a common phrase we hear. Therefore, you think to yourself – my gifts should also be bigger and better than the rest.

Hold on a second! Are you really sure about that? Is a big gift truly the better one? We don’t think so.

Generally, we like to think of bigger things as being more expensive, and thus more valuable, but is this really true in today’s modern age? Technology has allowed to fit so much data and features packed into a single object such as an iPhone. And which would you rather receive, a giant sofa that comes in a huge wooden box… or a diamond ring in its tiny box?

Now, we are not saying to give your clients a diamond ring, which is definitely way too expensive! However, just think about the logical questions that it brings up – a big gift requires big packaging, and customization efforts like engraving will cost more money to do due to its size. A small gift is directly the opposite – you can spend less on such auxiliary aspects of your gift and concentrate on the gift itself.

So why not think small? There are a lot of gifts that are small and yet practical and thoughtful, ripe for personalizing. How about a USB drive, or a fancy fountain pen? We’re sure you can think of several many other possibilities if you think about it! They’re both useful and fits in your pocket, thus encouraging more use!

Even if your gift is small, if it comes from the heart, it will appear to be bigger than it really is. After all, it is the thought that counts. Or as others would say “Good things come in small packages.”

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The Appeal of Apparel as Gifts

ATSH010 Shirt

As the saying goes “Clothes make the man”, and especially in the world of corporate lifestyle, we believe that is the case.

Think about it, if you were interviewing candidates for a job, which person would you pick – the smartly dressed man or woman in a perfect suit or one who is dressed like a slob? Even if the 2nd person was extremely eloquent and intelligent, we are certain that most people would pick the former!

So that is why apparel is still one of the more common Corporate Gifts in Singapore that is usually exchanged. A well-personalized T-Shirt or Jacket, perhaps with both the recipient’s name and a small tasteful company logo does wonders as a gift. What better way to present yourself as being proud of a company than wearing a piece of clothing with the logo on it?

Remember, don’t go overboard with that logo! A huge gigantic logo that takes up half the T-Shirt is tacky and tasteless. A small one will do fine, especially when located near the heart for maximum symbolic value!

And there are also many practical applications for Apparel gifts. For example, a Jacket can protect you against those cold and windy days. Healthy employees are those that can work harder and more effectively, so you wouldn’t want them getting sick right? In addition, perhaps some jogging T-Shirts and Sports Towels could be a solid choice for clients who are more athletic – they will certainly appreciate the support of their active lifestyle.

So if those sounds exactly like the sort of clients you are trying to cater to, why wait? Go pick up some Apparel gifts today. We’re certain you’ll be pleased with the results.

Looking for some Corporate Gifts for your clients and employees? Come browse Edmaro’s website today! We’re certain you’ll find something that you like.

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Timing – The Important Element of Gifting

BGTS035 Fold Up Shopper Tote

Picture the scenario – you’ve did your discreet research on the client that you are about to deliver a gift to. From the information, you picked out what you believe is the perfect gift to suit his personality. You packaged it in the perfect gift-wrapped box and even made sure to personally engrave and customized the gift.

You’re sure the gift will be a big hit… but then your client looks at it and is furious, rejecting it! You try your best to calm him down and explain that you didn’t mean to make him angry but the damage has been done. He will remember this offense and the business relationship has been damaged. What happened?

“Timing is Everything” – this is the immortal words of Shakespeare as he sums the issue right up. When you give your clients the gift is just as important as what you give them. Most commonly, the usual gifting season is during the holidays where it is considered the cultural norm to do so. However, if you have knowledge of the client, such as personal information like his birthday, the birth of his children or his wedding anniversary and other such memorable events of his life, those are also very good occasion for a corporate gift. This shows that you have done your research.

But as another wise man said “The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.” Just as an example, imagine giving someone a photo frame just as he’s gone through a painful divorce or giving a religious person alcohol during his fasting period. He will be furious about how insensitive you are and take your “gift” as a veiled insult! It does not matter that you did not mean to do it, what matters is the perception. Therefore, you should keep to date on the happenings of your clients’ life and make sure that you do not fall prey to such silly simple mistakes.

Thus we can see – timing is an important aspect in the world of corporate gifting. Learn to use this to your advantage and you can maximize your benefits without even spending a single cent more.

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Check out our latest Gift – Leather Tumblers

STFO051 A4 Zipper Leather Portfolio

In Singapore’s hot weather, we are constantly exposed to the sun’s harsh treatment every day. Sweating, heat rash and dehydration,which are problems we constantly face every day. That is why keeping ourselves topped up and hydrated is something every Singaporean learns.

But why let your clients drink up in plain, boring plastic cups? Look out for our new Leather Tumblers! Using real leather, this tumbler brings up association with other leather goods such as wallets, handbags and car seats thus lending it a classy, sophisticated look. Wrapped around a solid and durable solid steel frame, this Leather Tumbler is a classy and solid piece of workmanship anyone would be proud to own.

These Leather Tumblers can carry up to 12 oz of liquid at one go. This is the same size as things like canned drinks such as Coke, which makes it easier to transfer your drink from their cans into the Tumbler. You can also use it to store coffee, tea, Milo or any other refreshing beverages you can think of, as the heat insulation of the Tumbler will keep them either hot or cold just the way you like it!

Not bad for a Tumbler, don’t you think? We’re certain this gift will be both elegant, yet practical to your clients. Pick some up today for gifting, we know they’ll enjoy it!

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What is the true value of a gift –Goodwill

ITPB072 10000mAh Power Bank with LED Logo

Some big bosses, perhaps very traditional ones, scoff at the very idea of Corporate Gifting. “It’s a waste of money”, they say, “you can’t put down on paper how much a gift can earn you, therefore it’s useless, cut it!”

Hold your horses, think about all the times you have ever received a gift. Now think back on all the gifts you have received in your life: what are the odds that any of them are truly expensive? I’m sure most of you will probably recall that most of the time, your gifts do not trend towards the expensive side: only millionaires and nobilities get gifts of cars and houses. Most of us tend to receive gifts more along the lines of food, toys, clothes and stationery.

Indeed, notice that with those items, there is nothing stopping you from going to the shop and buying them yourselves. It clearly isn’t the monetary value of the gift that entices us, so why then do we still continue the tradition of gift giving?

We believe the answer is that the true gift is Goodwill. It doesn’t matter how valuable it is, recipients can sense your sincerity if you pick out a well-planned, thoughtful gift. The actual act of gifting is a symbolic ritual that strengthens your business ties together. This causes everyone to feel good and have positive thoughts towards each other, leading to a much more positive relationship.

While you certainly cannot reduce this down to monetary value on a spreadsheet like you can do in the business world, we believe that such feelings of Goodwill is much more valuable than any amount of money the world can buy. Therefore, the act of Corporate Gifting will continue to proceed through the future!

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Corporate Gifts Occasions

DWFT029 300ml Double Wall Stainless Steel Flask

When do companies give out corporate gifts? Studies have shown that the most common time is as an end-of-year bonus, followed closely by special occasions and holidays. This makes sense when you think about it: after all, a well-timed gift during these periods can really draw out the good cheer and feelings of the holidays itself.

What are some examples of such occasions to participate in Corporate Gifting? Let’s take a look.

Christmas: Doubles as “end of year” and is also a special festive event for most people. Even people who are not of the Christian religion celebrate Christmas due to its pervasiveness. Therefore, it is the perfect time to give out some corporate gifts.

Successful Completion of Project: Corporate gifts can be given out during this event in order to reward employees or to commemorate milestones and achievement.

New Year/Chinese New Year: The start of a brand new year, a chance to make a clean fresh beginning, the symbolic aspect of a Corporate Gift in Singapore on New Year is ripe for potential!

Anniversaries: Has it been 5, maybe 10 years since the company was first founded? Celebrate your continued prosperity and good fortune by participating in an act of corporate gifting!

Other festive holidays: Hari Raya, Deepavali, Good Friday, these are all relevant choices to consider a Corporate Gifting activity on.

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Corporate Gifts in the IT World – What’s Hot?

ITSP037 Bluetooth Speaker

Technology is such an important part of our life and therefore, the IT industry will always be a bustling, busy place where progress march onwards in order to make our lives and future brighter and better.

As such, let us take the time to commemorate our friends in the IT industry with some corporate gifts of our own. However, how do you know what’s hot and what’s not in this environment? Let us ponder on these choices:

Powerbanks: Some of you may more recognize these items as “external batteries.” Powerbanks are small, portable batteries that can be charged up beforehand and then used to power your electronic devices in the event that you are unable to utilize a traditional power supply. Most people in the IT industry have memories of when their laptop or cellphone’s battery flashed low when they really desperately need battery power. Well, now they can worry no more. A powerbank gift is a nice, practical gift to help them through emergencies.

Mouse: Quite possibly the most important and unique communication device to computers, a mouse is practically a must to get any work done. Could you imagine doing all your computer work using only a keyboard? It is a daunting task indeed! A good mouse gift will last someone a long time allowing them to get a lot of work done.

USB Drive: A very popular choice, everyone always needs more memory. Fill them with useful files, give them to your clients and let them put in their pockets to use for a long time. Being both cheap and practical, they are amazing gifts for those living in an IT World.

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Top Corporate Gifts for rewarding Employees

WIMT085 Geometric Ball Pen

As important aspects of a company, employees are key to its success. Many companies spend more on corporate gifts for its employees than their clients, showing how important they are!

Obviously, there are some gifts that are considered more practical or thematic to having your employees receive. What are some good gifts for employees? Here are our picks.

Leather Portfolio: For employees who have a social job of networking with clients, presenting concepts and other such action, what could be more stylish and practical than a leather portfolio emblazoned with your company’s logo? At the same time it allows easy, convenient access and carriage of important documents, we consider this a fantastic choice.

Fountain Pens: The pen is mightier than the sword. Even in the age of computer and technology, there are some creative souls who still find greater inspiration flows from pen to paper rather than to a keyboard. Help them out by gifting them a solid, durable and fancy fountain pen and watch the creative juices fly!

Business Card Holder: In the world of business, the more you know, the more powerful you are. And what could be a greater source of information than people? A personalized Business Card Holder is just the thing for social employees who have great ambitions to work their way up the ladder and connect to powerful, affluent people!

Looking for some Corporate Gifts in Singapore for your employees? Come browse Edmaro’s website today! We’re certain you’ll find something that you like.

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Regifting – Good or Bad?

DWMU087 400ml Porcelain Mug with cover

Regifting is the act of taking a gift that you received from others, repackaging it and then gifting it to another person. It is a controversial topic in the world of Corporate Gifts – is it notsincere to take what is supposed to be a gift for you and utilize it to give someone else? Is it not rude, both from the person you receive it from and your new target? But numbers don’t lie – 70% or more people participate in the act of regifting.

Of course, the trick here is that there is no reason why your recipient should ever know that the gift you’re giving to him is originally from somewhere else! Separate from that piece of information and taken on its own context, a good gift is still a good gift!

To begin with, make sure you do not make any silly mistakes, such as leaving behind gift cards addressed to your own name or personalized aspects that would tie the gift to you. Those are dead giveaways! Any half-opened gifts should just be thrown out and not be considered, a half open tin of biscuits or perfume will probably come off as a personal insult.

Change the packaging – obviously, more wrapping paper tend to be “destroyed” when the gift is opened so this will probably need to be done anyway, but it can certainly help to disguise the regifting even more. Oh, and just to be safe, if there’s a chance that the gift could become a topic of conversation between the original two parties, it might be best not to do it at all. That is to say, if you receive a corporate gift from your boss, don’t regift it to your co-worker in the same office – things might get awkward.

In the end, use the Golden Rule: Don’t use others as your dumping ground for unwanted gifts, only regift if the gift choice would be something you would actually grant them as a normal corporate gift in the first place!

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Personalizing and making the most out of your Corporate Gifts – the Whys and Hows

ITSP035 Bluetooth Speaker with Portable Loop

There are many practical reasons to give out corporate gifts. From building relationships, to rewarding the hard work of an employee and perhaps to commemorate special celebratory events such as promotions, retirements and project completion, giving out corporate gifts is an excellent way to build good will, raise morale and otherwise raise the effectiveness of your business.

However, sloppy execution in your distribution of gifts may lessen the effect. We believe the gift that you have chosen not only affects the receiver but also says a lot about your company. What will your clients think when they receive cheap, mass-produced gifts from your company? They would probably assume you think of them as equally cheap, replaceable tools to be thrown away!

Instead, show your sincerity in the process of gift-giving by putting in the effort to personalize and gift correctly. Here are some tips to do so.


Deliver the gift in person, using the right person for the task
Rather than simply handing them out in an impersonal, robotic manner, it will heavily raise the effectiveness of your gift if you deliver them with the right people, all at no cost. For example, a team leader handing a gift to his subordinate or a representative of the company gives a gift to her client. This can be done at absolutely no additional cost, so it’s a good method to use.


Customize your gift
When it comes to corporate gift in Singapore, items that look generic, a dime a dozen simply will not do! Through methods such as silkscreen, embossing or engraving, we are able to carve and imprint specialized phrases, initials and names onto corporate gifts. What could be much prestigious than receiving a leather gift embossed with your company logo and your personal initials on it? It would certainly be more exciting than simply receiving the leather bag as is straight from the shop! In addition, the customization will help spread word of mouth of your company, helping you gain more reputation through the industry.

Remember that if you require any assistance in personalizing and customizing your intended corporate gifts, we at Edmaro have the skills and talents to really showcase and bring out the nature of your company!