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Why You Need To Use Corporate Gifts In Singapore


A corporate gift can be used for several different reasons. It can be sent to a client to show your appreciation for their services, or you can choose a corporate gift for your own employees. No matter the reason for your corporate gift, it’s important that you choose the right gift for the individual in question. For example, it’s not the best idea to gift your top client the same gift as your interns. Not only would this set a bad example in the workplace, but it would also likely be very expensive for the business too. However, not sending a corporate gift in Singapore can have the same negative impact. So, how exactly should you go about your gifting process? Here is a short guide as to how you can get the very best out of your corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts in the workplace can have a huge impact on employee morale. A gift can help to significantly improve engagement, whilst simultaneously improving the overall atmosphere in the workplace. You can choose to send your employees a gift for several reasons. These include new hires, employee anniversaries, birthdays and promotions. This will help to reassure the teams that they work for a company that truly values them.

You can also incentivize corporate gifts in the workplace for teams who actively collaborate with your customer. This includes your sales teams, marketing and customer support. After a quarter of significant improvement, you can choose to reward your employees for all the hard work they’ve done. This will help to engage your teams in a way that verbal praise simply can’t match. You can even create friendly competitions in the workplace, with teams competing for a price based on their performance.

While finding the right gifts for your employees may seem like an easy task, it can definitely become more complex based on the number of employees you have. Finding the right gift for each individual can be very difficult (as well as very time consuming). This is why planning ahead for each gift will ensure that your process is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Why Corporate Gifts In Singapore Matter

When looking for a job to apply to, a potential candidate may look at things such as competitive salaries, flexible job perks and great additional benefits. While these factors bring employees to your company, they do not necessarily mean they will stay. It will be the unexpected gifts and appreciation that decide whether or not your best employees choose to stay at your business, or move elsewhere for a higher paying job.

The key to finding the perfect gift is to make sure it is not expected. Do not simply send gifts to all of your employees during the holidays. Instead, celebrate key milestones, employee referrals and recognize employees for the fantastic work they complete on a daily basis. Show gratitude to employees who go above and beyond to achieve deadlines, as this will help them to remain loyal to your business.

To ensure you get the very best impact out of your corporate gifts, there are several practices that you should follow to ensure the process of planning and execution goes as smoothly as possible. When followed correctly, you can create a memorable experience for both you and your employees, creating a harmonious bond amongst your teams.

  1. At the start of the year, create an estimated budget for how much you plan on spending on corporate gifts. Treat this as you would any other initiative, outline the key goals you want to achieve as well as a plan as to how each recipient will receive their gift. For example, whether or not you will simply place it on their desk, the packaging you will use and any additional costs that are associated with the delivery process.
  2. Create a plan for great etiquette for gifting. For example, ensuring that all of the gifts you send employees are within the same monetary value, as well as following any corporate guidelines that may be in place. This is extremely important, as you do not want certain employees to believe they are being treated better than or worse off than others.
  3. Personalize, personalize, personalize. Make sure that each recipient feels that each gift was selected especially for them. This will help to leave a great impression and will show that you truly care for your teams. There are several ways to do this including the use of names, colors as well as interests and even including family members.
  4. Conduct enough research on each of your employees so that you truly know who they are as a person. This can be done through general conversation during your day to day operations, as well as office gossip (if that’s your way of doing things). The better you know your employees, the increased likelihood they will like the gift you send them.
  5. Make sure that your corporate gift initiatives are a year-round thing. Holiday gifts are often expected in many workplaces, which somewhat reduces the overall impact they have. Use alternative reasons such as an anniversary, renewal, birthday or even “just because”. This will have a significantly greater impact and will ensure your employee feels valued in your team. Each year, try and give each employee at least one unexpected gift, as this will significantly enhance their loyalty and motivation within the workplace.


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5 Unique Corporate Gifts For Your Customers in Singapore

corporate gifts

As 2019 comes to an end and Edmaro embarks another year in its journey to serve Singaporeans with the best corporate gift in Singapore, it’s time for you to start preparing for the year-end festivals and promotions. As your HR and logistics departments may have been debating over either to choose a travel adapter or that polo t-shirt again?

Let us help you with the corporate gift selection process by answering a few questions. For instance, if your corporate gift is:

    • Useful
    • Unique
    • Good Quality
    • Not Repetitive

First of all, you need to make sure that your corporate gift is useful. Edmaro, one of the leading Corporate Gift Suppliers in Singapore, offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

Next, make sure that it’s unique which your clients will appreciate. Corporate gifts should also be of good quality. Sometimes you try to compromise on quality and leave a bad impression which will not be beneficial in terms of long term relationships. Another important aspect to remember is that you are not repeating the same corporate gift which you gave last time. Many times it happens, that when you repeat the same gift, instead of building that long-lasting ROI, you end up leaving a negative effect which might cost you losing your potential customer.

Recommended Corporate Gifts

Once you have answered those questions, now you can move on to shortlist a few of the following corporate gifts. Although a polo t-shirt or a backpack can be very useful, but considering the technology taking over our everyday life, I would like to recommend the following corporate gifts


        1. Mobile Phone Accessories:
          According to Google, most of the working individuals are using mobile phones at least 4 hours a day, therefore definitely mobile phone accessories is one of the best options for corporate gift. At Edmaro, we have over 100 mobile phone accessories to chose from.
        2. Water Bottle:
          This handy essential is a must for every workaholic corporate employee. No matter which part of the world you are, you have to drink water, not to mention that 8 glasses a day, which most of us are aware of. As consumers around the world are more concerned about sustainable products, it’s a good idea to choose either stainless steel or BPA Free. At Edmaro, you can choose over a 100 options such as Fusi Thermo Vacuum Bottle, Soundtech Fusi Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker, Double Wall Glass Mug with Speaker to name a few.
        3. Pen:
          Although the writing habits are slowly disappearing in first world countries, but pen is a must-have for every corporate employee. No matter what happens, we still rely a lot on physical signatures as well as taking down the notes in our morning meetings. Hence, a good quality beautifully designed pen with smooth writing style will become one’s favorite accessory while going for a client’s meeting.
          Corporate Gift image 2
        4. Travel adapter:
          According to the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), there was a record of 1.4billion international tourists arrivals in 2018. When you travel, you have a bunch of cables you need to carry along such as hairdryer, shaver, laptop and mobile phone. Therefore, travel adapter is an accessory, most corporate employees would love to have.
        5. Portable Storage:
          Selfie is part of a daily routine for Millennials and Gen – Z as more and more people taking selfies on daily basis. Whether it’s lunch with friends and colleagues or just a selfie with your favorite cup of coffee. Therefore, the external portable storage is a must-have for every corporate employee to store those hundreds of pictures.
          Corporate Gifts Singapore image 3

Once you have selected that special corporate gift from Edmaro, your preferred corporate gifts supplier, here are a few tips to add to your corporate gift in order to tie that long-lasting ROI knot.

        • Brand Logo
          By carving your brand name and logo on your corporate gift, it will leave a positive effect and build long term relationship between you and your employees and or clients.
        • Personalized Message
          Studies have shown that adding a handwritten personalized message will leave a much more positive impact rather than a printed one. So do try to make extra effort in writing that message personally. Additionally, a well-wrapped gift will add on to the value you are adding in your future ROI by making them feel special and cared for.
        • Neutral Cultural
          Since we live in a multi-cultural society and our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loon encourages in his yearly National Day Rally Speech that we must encourage meritocracy and racial harmony, so ensure that your corporate gifts are suitable for diverse culture of Singapore.

Corporate gift in Singapore is becoming a popular corporate trait. Therefore, by doing some research about your company culture, clients’ feedback and industry trends before choosing and buying corporate gifts will save you a lot of cost. Corporate gifts are a smart way to build long-lasting relationships with your clients showing that you appreciate and regard them.

If you are looking for Unique Corporate Gifts for your Customers, call EDMARO at +65 6509 0322.

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How to Find the Right Corporate Gift Supplier


It can be quite confusing to choose a corporate gift supplier for the first time since there are many options in the market. You have to choose the supplier that has the most products to offer. To make it easier for you to choose the right products, make sure that the supplier you have specializes in the products that you like to give to your clients and associates. There are instances when it’s just so hard to please clients and they can just withdraw from your business anytime. Through gifts, your clients will be shown appreciation and they’re likely to be loyal to your company. That’s how important it is to choose the right corporate gift supplier:

Variety and Range of Products

You have to check on the range of options you have for corporate gift items when you’re looking for a corporate gift supplier. It’s important for you to choose a supplier who’ll be able to give you different options. You should also have options for customization. A dealer who’ll be able to give you more innovative options and has a great imagination on how to come up with great gifts.

High-Quality Standard

It is also important for a corporate gift supplier to exercise control in quality when it comes to delivery of service. This way you can be assured that your gifts are of high quality since they undergo quality control mechanisms. It is important for the products that your clients will receive to be of high quality since they will be able to help nurture your relationship with them.

Good Reputation

The supplier should also have a good reputation with its current and previous clients. This means that you have to look into how you can be possibly satisfied with its services. You have to know more about the quality of the services they offer. You have to get a feel about what it is like to work with them.

Wide Network of Suppliers

It’s important for the supplier to have a wide network of suppliers and clients. If they do have these, it means they won’t run out of supplies and that they offer great service and products as evidenced by the number of clients they have.



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How to End Up with the Best Corporate Gifts in Singapore


Corporate gifts have a large role to play when it comes to ensuring the loyalty of your clients, customers, associates, and employees. You can give corporate gifts in Singapore during special celebrations and corporate events. When you’re able to give your recipients the right kind of corporate gifts they will feel valued and truly appreciated. The company will also be able to enjoy all the marketing benefits of corporate gift giving. Since there are so many options available, it’s important for you to be choosy in your items. Here are some tips to consider for you to find the right corporate gifts in Singapore:

Always think about the recipients.

There’s no single gift that everyone will be able to appreciate. That’s why you have to know to whom you will be giving the corporate gifts and choose the most practical ones that will be appealing to the majority. You can consider the age group to make sure that everyone will be able to use and appreciate the gift.

Figure out which gift options are the best ones.

You can find some gift items that are truly meaningful such as pens, umbrellas, pen holders, cardholders, lanyards, etc. You have to check on all the options you have before you come up with a decision. Always customize the gifts so that they will be able to carry your brand and company image. This is important to consider so that you can also set the right budget accordingly. Also, consider the durability and quality of the gift items vis-à-vis the kind of effect it might give to your recipient. Always choose an item that will be useful and appreciated by the recipient but at the same time convey your marketing message.

Match the said gifts with the brand if it’s possible.

The corporate gifts that truly fit your brand are always of high quality. You may choose journals, planners, diaries, etc.; or you can go for the golf bags, polo shirts, and gym bags. The technique is to be always original in your gift-giving ideas. Also, don’t forget to spend time thinking about the presentation; it is as valuable as the gift itself.


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Best Corporate Gifts for IT Aficionados


Shopping for corporate gifts has to be one of the most difficult things to do. Especially if you are someone who’s not really good with shopping. You can make this task easier by trimming down your choices, and one way to go about is it by knowing what your prospective recipients are into. If you want to give away useful bits for techie peeps, here are some gift ideas that you might find useful.

Pointing Devices

Mice or other pointing devices have to be one of the most used peripherals in a computer. That is why mice are perfect gifts for staffers who use their computers, laptops or desktops, a lot. We have a number of wireless mice available in our catalog that you can choose from. With different designs and colors, finding the right ones for gift giving should be easily. What’s more, these are very affordable so you won’t be spending a lot purchasing these.

Power Banks

In this time of portable, battery-powered devices, keeping enough juice in your devices can be such a huge challenge. This is especially true if you are always on the go, up and about, doing a lot of stuff. That is why power banks are such a huge hit among gadget users. This makes these items perfect as corporate gifts. So go and choose from power banks with different styles and capacities, you’ll find the perfect ones to give away.

Multimedia Speakers

Speakers are a must in modern work desks as people need these to listen to music or videos streamed using their mobile devices. That is why speakers are some of the most in-demand products lately. Eyeing this as a corporate give away? Choose from our collection of wired, FM radio-equipped, USB and card reader-equipped, or Bluetooth speakers that recipients would love.

If you are looking for a corporate gift supplier, then you are in luck. That is because you will find all of your corporate gift needs here in Edmaro. We have been in the business of providing high-quality and affordable corporate gifts for years now. We have supplied various items for big companies here in Singapore. Just visit our site and check out our wide collection of gift items. Best of all, you get these products at the lowest possible prices, letting you enjoy unbelievable savings. So go and visit our site now and shop around for your corporate gifts. Only from your one-stop source for the best corporate gifts, Edmaro.

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Edmaro – One of the Leading Corporate Gift Suppliers in Singapore!

BGBP091-Anti-Theft-Backpack (1)

Corporate gifts

The importance of corporate gifts is more often than not overlooked. Corporate gifts play a vital role in the portrayal of the giver to the receiver. It also plays a deciding role in the relationship between the giver and receiver. It can make or a break a business deal.

Corporate gifts are gifts given to show appreciation. Corporate gifts are well- thought out gifts given by employers to employees to appreciate them for all their hard work in boosting the company’s performance. Corporate gifts are also given to clients of the company to appreciate their presence as part of the company.

When thoughtful, valuable, and high quality items are given as corporate gifts, employees and clients will feel contented and will think highly of the company. This will enhance the relationship between them resulting in better work performance and more rewarding business deals.

We, at Edmaro, the leading corporate gift supplier in Singapore are here to supply thoughtful, valuable, and high quality items that can be given as corporate gifts to your valued employees and clients.

Our products

As the leading corporate gift supplier in town, our products are bountiful. We provide gifts from various categories such as apparels, awards, bags, drink ware, IT products, lifestyle, packaging, stationery, and writing instruments.

These categories cover branded shirts, caps, jackets, Polo tee, towels, acrylic awards, badges or pins, crystals, door gifts calendars, coasters, cutlery set, keychain or key pouch, luggage tag, and stress balls, metal pens, and pens with stylus, bottles, flask or tumbler, and mugs, passport holder, fitness tracker, manicure set, multipurpose tools, photo frame, coasters, travel adapter, travel lock, travel organizer, umbrella, wine set, folders, memo holder, notebook, power bank, speakers, laptop bags, pouch, and tote shopping bags, just to name a few.

Our clients

The list of our clients is ever expanding. This is a proof that we are indeed the best corporate gift supplier in the vicinity. We take great care to ensure our clients are satisfied and happy. Some of our well-reputable customers are AbbVie Pte. Ltd., American Bureau of Shipping, Changi Airport Group, CHEP Catalyst & Chemical Containers, ECS Holdings Ltd, Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd, Gemalto Pte Ltd, Getty Images Singapore, GrabTaxi Holdings Pte Ltd., Nanyang Technological University, National Environment Agency, Singapore Workforce Development Agency, and Singapore Police Force.

Choose us!

As the best corporate gift supplier in Singapore, we will ensure your employees and clients are well taken care of.

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Door Gift Ideas for Christmas Events


During the holiday season in Singapore, parties are a plenty. You can make every event or party more exciting by giving away door gifts. These are those gifts that are often won by people who attend the events. The gifts are given away through a raffle draw. You can give away notepads, pens, key chains, and others. These door gift ideas may also be high-value gifts such as television, cash, gift baskets, and even tickets to concerts. No one can resist the excitement of winning a special prize by just attending an event.

Kitchen Tools and Others

Kitchen utensils and tools will make good door prizes. This can also serve as a promotional item for your business. All you have to do is to engrave the name of the company or the logo. You may also include the contact information. You can go for ice cream scoops and knives or knife sets. Bathroom supplies and accessories will also make good door prizes. You can go for towels for instance. Office tools and supplies are also good gifts to give such as bookends, desk sets, desk calendars, and planners.

The Most Sought After

Among the many door gifts that are often given away, most people will be eager to have tickets for events. You may opt to give away movie tickets, concert tickets, rental gift cards, and also tickets for basketball games. These will certainly bring a smile to any of those who can receive it. You can also give some small sporting items to come with the sports tickets that you are giving away.

The Universal Door Gift

Food gifts are known to be universally loved by recipients. They can come in different means. The most popular among them is the gift basket. There are different items you can place within the baskets: wines, treats, cheeses, fruit, and salad ingredients.