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Why You Need To Use Corporate Gifts In Singapore


A corporate gift can be used for several different reasons. It can be sent to a client to show your appreciation for their services, or you can choose a corporate gift for your own employees. No matter the reason for your corporate gift, it’s important that you choose the right gift for the individual in question. For example, it’s not the best idea to gift your top client the same gift as your interns. Not only would this set a bad example in the workplace, but it would also likely be very expensive for the business too. However, not sending a corporate gift in Singapore can have the same negative impact. So, how exactly should you go about your gifting process? Here is a short guide as to how you can get the very best out of your corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts in the workplace can have a huge impact on employee morale. A gift can help to significantly improve engagement, whilst simultaneously improving the overall atmosphere in the workplace. You can choose to send your employees a gift for several reasons. These include new hires, employee anniversaries, birthdays and promotions. This will help to reassure the teams that they work for a company that truly values them.

You can also incentivize corporate gifts in the workplace for teams who actively collaborate with your customer. This includes your sales teams, marketing and customer support. After a quarter of significant improvement, you can choose to reward your employees for all the hard work they’ve done. This will help to engage your teams in a way that verbal praise simply can’t match. You can even create friendly competitions in the workplace, with teams competing for a price based on their performance.

While finding the right gifts for your employees may seem like an easy task, it can definitely become more complex based on the number of employees you have. Finding the right gift for each individual can be very difficult (as well as very time consuming). This is why planning ahead for each gift will ensure that your process is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Why Corporate Gifts In Singapore Matter

When looking for a job to apply to, a potential candidate may look at things such as competitive salaries, flexible job perks and great additional benefits. While these factors bring employees to your company, they do not necessarily mean they will stay. It will be the unexpected gifts and appreciation that decide whether or not your best employees choose to stay at your business, or move elsewhere for a higher paying job.

The key to finding the perfect gift is to make sure it is not expected. Do not simply send gifts to all of your employees during the holidays. Instead, celebrate key milestones, employee referrals and recognize employees for the fantastic work they complete on a daily basis. Show gratitude to employees who go above and beyond to achieve deadlines, as this will help them to remain loyal to your business.

To ensure you get the very best impact out of your corporate gifts, there are several practices that you should follow to ensure the process of planning and execution goes as smoothly as possible. When followed correctly, you can create a memorable experience for both you and your employees, creating a harmonious bond amongst your teams.

  1. At the start of the year, create an estimated budget for how much you plan on spending on corporate gifts. Treat this as you would any other initiative, outline the key goals you want to achieve as well as a plan as to how each recipient will receive their gift. For example, whether or not you will simply place it on their desk, the packaging you will use and any additional costs that are associated with the delivery process.
  2. Create a plan for great etiquette for gifting. For example, ensuring that all of the gifts you send employees are within the same monetary value, as well as following any corporate guidelines that may be in place. This is extremely important, as you do not want certain employees to believe they are being treated better than or worse off than others.
  3. Personalize, personalize, personalize. Make sure that each recipient feels that each gift was selected especially for them. This will help to leave a great impression and will show that you truly care for your teams. There are several ways to do this including the use of names, colors as well as interests and even including family members.
  4. Conduct enough research on each of your employees so that you truly know who they are as a person. This can be done through general conversation during your day to day operations, as well as office gossip (if that’s your way of doing things). The better you know your employees, the increased likelihood they will like the gift you send them.
  5. Make sure that your corporate gift initiatives are a year-round thing. Holiday gifts are often expected in many workplaces, which somewhat reduces the overall impact they have. Use alternative reasons such as an anniversary, renewal, birthday or even “just because”. This will have a significantly greater impact and will ensure your employee feels valued in your team. Each year, try and give each employee at least one unexpected gift, as this will significantly enhance their loyalty and motivation within the workplace.


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Corporate Gifts To Avoid


Buying corporate gifts in Singapore is no easy task. You may have several different ideas, only to find that each of them is completely inappropriate for the business environment. This can be extremely stressful and turn the idea of gift-giving into a chore, rather than something that should be enjoyed. Buying the right gift can bring with it several benefits, however choosing the wrong one can result in a disaster. It can place your client in an awkward situation, in which they have to either return the gift as it’s not appropriate or simply straight-up decline it. This can damage your business relationship and in the long run, even lose you a client. So what exactly should you choose when it comes to corporate gifts?

It’s important that the gift you choose is as personal as possible, especially if it’s for a client you have a long lasting working relationship with. Make sure it’s both something that your client will enjoy and something that will remind them of you. The more they will use the gift throughout their life, the more likely they will remember you throughout their day to day operations. In order to get these desired results, here are some of the top gifts you should avoid buying your clients at all costs.

Improper Gift Cards

When done correctly, a gift card can be a great present. It will allow your client to buy what they want, when they need it the most. However, buying an improper gift card can have the opposite impact. But what exactly is an improper gift card? An improper gift card is one that can’t actually be used to buy an item. For example, if you gift a client a $40 gift card and the cheapest item at a shop is $60, then they can’t actually buy anything with it. While the $40 can still go towards a gift, the client is significantly less likely to associate the gift with you and in fact, may actually see you as cheap. Consequently, the gift may actually have the opposite impact that you believed it would.

The Wrong Size Branded Polo Shirt

Buying a polo shirt is always a great idea. The brand itself will appeal to your client (especially if it’s a brand you know they often wear). However, buying a polo shirt can go very wrong if you choose the wrong size. If a client is a medium and you buy them a large, well… you can imagine how well that will go down. At the same time, it can also be quite embarrassing for a client if they have to squeeze into a shirt that is simply too small. While it’s a nice gesture, make sure you know the definite size before making a purchase!

A Company Logo Calendar

If an individual uses a calendar, it is likely they have already bought themselves one. They will often buy this in advance when they see it on offer. As a result, buying them a calendar with your logo on is not the best idea. In fact, it may likely end up in the trash. You can always use a calendar to compliment another corporate gift you have bought, however, it cannot be used as a standalone gift. This will simply not go down very well at all.

A Mouse Pad

In the past (when computers were not yet the norm in the workplace) buying a mouse pad as a gift wouldn’t have been a bad idea. However, it’s now 2020 and just about everyone works digitally. Therefore, they will already have a mouse pad (or they will work using a laptop). Consequently, mouse pads are very rarely used and therefore your gift will be redundant.

A Company Logo Stress Ball

Out of all the presents available, a company logo stress ball is one of the worst you can buy. Firstly, the individual will begin to associate their stress with your business logo- not a good idea at all. Secondly, no individual likes to feel stress, in fact, they want to avoid stress at all costs. Therefore, it’s important to simply avoid a stress ball altogether. If someone wants a stress ball, they will buy it themselves.

It’s Not All Doom And Gloom

Luckily, there are many corporate gifts in Singapore that you can choose for your clients to enjoy. With many options to choose from, all of which can be tailored to your client, it’s never been easier to find the right corporate gifts. To get the best possible gift, be on the lookout throughout the year (rather than leaving your shopping to the last minute!). If you see something you know your client would like in May, just buy it at the time and give it to them as a gift later!

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How Much Should You Spend On Corporate Gifts?


As you begin to build your brand, showing appreciation to your clients is a great way to improve retention rates whilst simultaneously building strong working relationships. One of the best ways to show your appreciation is through corporate gifts. Buying your client corporate gifts will help you to stay on their mind, especially if you buy them something they will use on a daily basis. However, at the same time you want to make sure you don’t overspend on the gift itself, or simply buy a gift that isn’t acceptable. By purchasing the wrong gift, you can potentially insult the client, or make them feel like you have gone overboard. This could put them in a very uncomfortable position in which they must turn down gifts either because they are worth too much or it would be against company policy to accept them. In order to determine how much you should spend on corporate gifts in Singapore, you should ask yourself 5 distinct questions. Here are the questions you should ask.

  1. What Is The Value Of Your Relationship With Your Client
  2. This is arguably one of the most important questions you can ask, as it will help you to determine how much you should spend on a gift. If the client only pays you around $1000 a year, then an expensive gift doesn’t quite make sense- in fact, it could put you at a loss. Alternatively, if you’re working with a client who pays out six to seven figures then you should maybe consider increasing your budget to show the appropriate level of appreciation. If they’re willing to pay the big bucks, it’s time for you to show some appreciation. Use this question to determine how important each client is for you in regards to gifts.

  3. What Is The Individual’s Position At The Company
  4. Another important factor to consider is the position of the individual that will be receiving the gift. Whilst it’s important to always go for quality, you may want to spend more money on a CEO than their assistant. For example, buying a CEO a $500 present and their assistant a $100 is normally a good idea. The CEO likely receives many gifts every year and therefore it’s important to get them something that helps them to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, the assistant may not get as many gifts, however, it’s still important to give them recognition. This will put you in a good light with both individuals and therefore you will be remembered in the future

  5. Does The Clients Business Have Certain Rules?
  6. It’s very common for larger public companies to have stricter rules than private companies, though this can vary from one niche to another. For example, Wal-Mart does not allow their employees to accept any gifts, whilst Google will let their employees accept gifts worth less than $100. Always check the business rules before sending something over. If your clients will often be happy to accept a nice dinner or a round of golf, then you can likely choose a similar present in that price range.

  7. Does The Client Have A Family
  8. The longer you work with your client, the better you will get to know them. If you know a little about their family, you can always buy them a present to enjoy too. This is a great way to stand out as you will now be asked about when your client is at home. Many directors state that whilst they often receive elaborate gifts on a daily basis, their daily members are usually overlooked. Sending a gift to loved ones is a great way to leave a lasting impression. This is certainly the case if you buy something more elaborate, as it’s not something their family would likely have experienced in the past.

  9. What Is Your Budget For Gifts?
  10. One important factor that you always need to consider is your actual budget for corporate gifts. Whilst it would be nice to send your clients gifts throughout the year, these costs can very quickly add up. It’s important to set up a rule within your business that determines how much you should invest overall for the year. This can then be broken down into how much you want to invest per client. It is always a good idea to focus on sending a few higher-quality gifts, rather than a few low-quality gifts to all your clients.

    Your corporate gift in Singapore will communicate just how much you value your clients and when done correctly can significantly deepen business relationships. By sending clients gifts that have real meaning, you show appreciation and are signaling that you take their business seriously. This will increase the chances of a long-lasting healthy relationship in which you can all benefit.

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5 Suitable Corporate Gifts in Singapore for Your Customers

corporate gift Singapore

When it comes to giving gifts, it is the thought that counts the most. When it comes to giving corporate gifts, it is about giving gifts that would keep you at the top of your clients’ or customers’ mind and thoughts. A corporate gift is given as a corporate gesture expressing appreciation on behalf of the company or providing recognition of business conducted and strengthening the relationship that will lead to more business. A corporate gift is not an obligation or a pre-contractual agreement but merely a subtle reminder to strengthen corporate relations, generate potential sales or secure new contracts through loyalty building and social contract. In this article, we will feature the top five suitable corporate gifts in Singapore to give to your customers or clients .

Be noteworthy with your corporate gift

One way to subtly keep you in your clients’ or customers’ mind and thoughts is through the inconspicuous but ever-handy dandy notebook with your company’s logo embossed or printed on the cover. Most, if not all, corporate gifts supplier would offer the many different types of notebook. Notebook as corporate gifts come in different sizes but the most common size is the A5 size notebook that measures 14.1 cm by 20.5 cm. You could also choose from the different type of paper used in the notebook, yellow paper to having lines or leaving it blank as well as the different choice of covers. Some notebooks come with cardboard fabric cover, leather cover and even hardcover. Notebook with company logo embossed or printed on the cover is one of the most common and conventional corporate gifts in Singapore.

Corporate gifts Singapore

Rain or shine, we’ve got you covered

Another suitable corporate gift for your customers is the umbrella. Get your corporate gifts supplier to print your company’s logo on the umbrella. It may be a bit unorthodox as corporate gifts in Singapore but with the city’s bipolar wet and dry weather, an umbrella with your company logo will always be one of the most convenient corporate gifts. Protecting your customers or clients against the harmful rays of sunny Singapore is always a bright idea. Also, it shelters your customers or clients against the unpredictable, sometimes torrential, rain and prevents them from feeling under the weather. Giving your customer and clients a useful umbrella is one sure way to remind them that rain or shine, your company would always be there for them.

Always near at hand

Another suitable corporate gift you can give to your customer or client is the stress ball. On the desk or in the drawer but always at hand, the stress ball prompts you to squeeze and release, letting you feel less tense and induces you to relax. Be sure to pick the squishiest type from your corporate gifts supplier. Relieving the stress of your customer or client is one sure way to keep you at the top of your clients’ and customers’ mind.

A travel companion

For clients or customers who travel frequently, perhaps a travel adaptor with your company logo would be quite the suitable gift. The universal worldwide travel charger adaptor plug from Edmaro, a corporate gifts supplier, can be used in more than 150 countries including the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore.

A thoughtful boost

On average, people spend about 4 hours, 15 minutes on their mobile phones every day. Sooner or later, they would need to charge their phones. What better way to remind your customers and clients to stay connected to you than a portable charger. The portable charger offered by Edmaro corporate gifts Singapore is a lithium polymer battery cell with 2x output 5V that enables fast charging.

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Corporate Gift Singapore

DWMU060 - 12oz Mug

It has become a culture in Singapore to distribute corporate door gifts to potential clients at product launches, road shows and seminars.  Corporate door gift is also common at company annual dinner and dance to be distributed to employees to thank them for their contribution to the company.

Door gift is not just a trend in the Singapore business world but also an important marketing strategic to adopt. The benefit includes:

1. Giving information of your new product to your potential clients.

2. Corporate door gift is able to give good impression and image of your company

3. Enforce your branding

4. Showing appreciation to clients who take time to attend your company event Reward your employees for their contribution to the company

5. Good corporate door gift will leave with good impression and image of your brand which indirectly brings in more business to your company. For this reason, sourcing for an experience corporate door gift supplier to provide you the unique corporate gift becomes very crucial.


Why chose us as your corporate door gift supplier?

We are definitely a supplier of your chose for your corporate door gift as

  • We know the challenges of the organizing or procurement community
    You are given a tight budget and your task is to choose gift that will give good impression and delight your employee or client. We understand that it is not easy but not to worry. Through our experience, we are able to give you tips and guide you through the corporate gifts selection process so that it will be stress free.
  • We will work within your budget and offer the most value for money corporate gifts.
  • We provide quality and elegant printing for your brand to customize your door gift.
  • We have wide varieties of door gifts catalogue that will definitely meet your requirement
  • We can even help to source a unique corporate gift or customize your gifts if our gift catalogue do not suit your requirement

We are a team of vetted professionals that have been offering high standard corporate gifts to clients in Singapore. We have hundreds of corporate customers and thousands of gifts sold up to this date. If you want to make sure that you share the right impression with customers or business partners, then a corporate door gift from us can be the ultimate gesture. Don’t hesitate to browse our catalogue now and contact us, let us help you make the best impression and generate more leads and customers or a fruitful business relationship !

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Cost Effective Corporate Gifts in Singapore

LFUM032 - silver coated lightweight foldable umbrella

Cost-Effective Corporate Gifts in Singapore

You have a tight budget and you are sourcing for a cost-effective corporate gifts supplier but you are worried that cost-effective corporate gifts will degrade your corporate brand? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place as we have a wide range of corporate gift items with reasonably low price and will also provide you with tips on how you can reduce your gifting cost.

Cost-effective doesn’t mean poor quality or is not able to impress your clients and employees who make your business successful. Let us help you with tips to cut cost and go cost effective on your corporate gift.

Tips for cost-effective corporate gifts
Through our experiences, there are a lot of ways and tips to make corporate gift cost-effective and fall within your tight budget.

  1. Go for a simple corporate gift
    The fact is you don’t have to spend money on a luxury corporate gift or premium corporate gift to impress your client or bring out your branding. Choose simple products that are practical and useful. There are simple and cost-effective corporate gifts that the recipients love it and are chosen years after years as a corporate gift for different corporate events and we have a wide range of these products.
    We handpick some of our popular, value to money and useful products like USB drive, Pen, Mug, lanyard, Popular travel product, and more …
  2. Choosing of color for your logo printing
    The number of colours that you chose to print your logo to customize your corporate gift will affect the cost. So, go for simpler logo printing. Choose one colour imprint logo for printing instead as full color printing will cost you more.
  3. Material of the corporate gift
    The material of gift you chose will also affect the cost. A plastic corporate gift is definitely cheaper than leather or metal. Printing cost on plastic is also cheaper than printing logo on metal and leather products.
  4. Order in bulk
    If you have the quantity, we will be able to lower the price for you even for premium corporate gift items. Go for the bulk gift purchasing, you can have a discount on many items and you will have enough stock to last you for the whole year.
  5. Go for promotion items
    You can consider to go for Corporate gift supplier in Singapore like us who do seasonal promotion to provide more value to customers. Sometimes we would like to clear some of our stocks or we do special discount for our new gift items. Remember that cost effective doesn’t mean low quality as the quality is always our first priority for any of our corporate gift items in the list. Visit our website to see our value product offerings for your selection.

Contact us
Contact us now at !

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5 Unique Corporate Gifts For Your Customers in Singapore

corporate gifts

As 2019 comes to an end and Edmaro embarks another year in its journey to serve Singaporeans with the best corporate gift in Singapore, it’s time for you to start preparing for the year-end festivals and promotions. As your HR and logistics departments may have been debating over either to choose a travel adapter or that polo t-shirt again?

Let us help you with the corporate gift selection process by answering a few questions. For instance, if your corporate gift is:

    • Useful
    • Unique
    • Good Quality
    • Not Repetitive

First of all, you need to make sure that your corporate gift is useful. Edmaro, one of the leading Corporate Gift Suppliers in Singapore, offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

Next, make sure that it’s unique which your clients will appreciate. Corporate gifts should also be of good quality. Sometimes you try to compromise on quality and leave a bad impression which will not be beneficial in terms of long term relationships. Another important aspect to remember is that you are not repeating the same corporate gift which you gave last time. Many times it happens, that when you repeat the same gift, instead of building that long-lasting ROI, you end up leaving a negative effect which might cost you losing your potential customer.

Recommended Corporate Gifts

Once you have answered those questions, now you can move on to shortlist a few of the following corporate gifts. Although a polo t-shirt or a backpack can be very useful, but considering the technology taking over our everyday life, I would like to recommend the following corporate gifts


        1. Mobile Phone Accessories:
          According to Google, most of the working individuals are using mobile phones at least 4 hours a day, therefore definitely mobile phone accessories is one of the best options for corporate gift. At Edmaro, we have over 100 mobile phone accessories to chose from.
        2. Water Bottle:
          This handy essential is a must for every workaholic corporate employee. No matter which part of the world you are, you have to drink water, not to mention that 8 glasses a day, which most of us are aware of. As consumers around the world are more concerned about sustainable products, it’s a good idea to choose either stainless steel or BPA Free. At Edmaro, you can choose over a 100 options such as Fusi Thermo Vacuum Bottle, Soundtech Fusi Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker, Double Wall Glass Mug with Speaker to name a few.
        3. Pen:
          Although the writing habits are slowly disappearing in first world countries, but pen is a must-have for every corporate employee. No matter what happens, we still rely a lot on physical signatures as well as taking down the notes in our morning meetings. Hence, a good quality beautifully designed pen with smooth writing style will become one’s favorite accessory while going for a client’s meeting.
          Corporate Gift image 2
        4. Travel adapter:
          According to the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), there was a record of 1.4billion international tourists arrivals in 2018. When you travel, you have a bunch of cables you need to carry along such as hairdryer, shaver, laptop and mobile phone. Therefore, travel adapter is an accessory, most corporate employees would love to have.
        5. Portable Storage:
          Selfie is part of a daily routine for Millennials and Gen – Z as more and more people taking selfies on daily basis. Whether it’s lunch with friends and colleagues or just a selfie with your favorite cup of coffee. Therefore, the external portable storage is a must-have for every corporate employee to store those hundreds of pictures.
          Corporate Gifts Singapore image 3

Once you have selected that special corporate gift from Edmaro, your preferred corporate gifts supplier, here are a few tips to add to your corporate gift in order to tie that long-lasting ROI knot.

        • Brand Logo
          By carving your brand name and logo on your corporate gift, it will leave a positive effect and build long term relationship between you and your employees and or clients.
        • Personalized Message
          Studies have shown that adding a handwritten personalized message will leave a much more positive impact rather than a printed one. So do try to make extra effort in writing that message personally. Additionally, a well-wrapped gift will add on to the value you are adding in your future ROI by making them feel special and cared for.
        • Neutral Cultural
          Since we live in a multi-cultural society and our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loon encourages in his yearly National Day Rally Speech that we must encourage meritocracy and racial harmony, so ensure that your corporate gifts are suitable for diverse culture of Singapore.

Corporate gift in Singapore is becoming a popular corporate trait. Therefore, by doing some research about your company culture, clients’ feedback and industry trends before choosing and buying corporate gifts will save you a lot of cost. Corporate gifts are a smart way to build long-lasting relationships with your clients showing that you appreciate and regard them.

If you are looking for Unique Corporate Gifts for your Customers, call EDMARO at +65 6509 0322.

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Events in Singapore: Corporate Gifts

corporate gift singapore

In modern times, the corporate gift has become a staple of any corporate event, recruiting event, speech, presentation or the like. The importance of the corporate gift in Singapore cannot be understated given the extreme prevalence that has befallen the corporate gift in recent times. The provision of a corporate gift provides benefits not only to yourself but the recipient of the gift as well. This means that event organisers should prioritise the procurement of a corporate gift in Singapore as one of the key aspects of event organisation.

Should you be in need of a corporate gift supplier in Singapore, we at Edmaro are the best corporate gift supplier in Singapore for a number of reasons. First, we have had extensive business experience in this field and have dealt with a multitude of big-name and prestigious clients.

These include names such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singtel, the People’s Association, Giant, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore Management University, the Singapore Police Force, Nanyang Technological University, the Singapore Prison Service, the State Courts, and many more. The illustrious business history that we have stands testament to the quality and meticulousness of our service, which has thus far proved sufficient to attract repeat customers as well as increase our client base over time.

Second, Edmaro also offers a wide range of services to enhance the quality of your corporate gift in Singapore. Several processes can be done to a corporate gift in Singapore, such as customisation of the design and material of the gift product, debossing and embossing, embroidery (such as, for example, tagging), engraving, several printing methods ranging from heat transfer printing to silkscreen printing, hot stamping, sandblasting, and many more.

The effect of this is that your gift will not simply be treated by the gift recipients as a mere object. By sending your corporate gifts in Singapore to undergo one or more of these processes under Edmaro, it adds value to your gift and gives it a touch of personality.

A gift printed with your company’s name or logo is much rarer than a gift without a similar degree of customisation. Apart from these customisation processes, we also value-add our corporate gifts in Singapore in the sense that we can help our customers source and work with big-name vendors around the world, such as Adidas, Nike, Targus, and others.

We offer not only an impressive catalogue of pre-prepared gift ideas but can also help you turn your novel gift ideas into reality – even if no previous person has had the same gift idea at all. To achieve this, we go to great lengths to ensure our customers’ needs are met. Name a vendor and we will find it for you.

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Why Corporate Gifts are Important

corporate gifts singapore

In Singapore, corporate gifts are useful for a number of reasons. Especially relevant to context in Singapore, corporate gifts add a touch of professionalism to a corporate event. Providing a corporate gift to your audience in Singapore will confer upon yourself a number of benefits, which will be elucidated as follows.

First, worldwide as well as in Singapore, corporate gifts are a sign of goodwill. The recipient of a corporate gift, in Singapore or overseas, will surely be appreciative of the efforts that you have taken to bring the corporate gift to them.

Second, corporate gifts are a good way to introduce a new concept or idea into the minds of the recipient. Corporate gifts can be embroidered, printed or otherwise marked to add a hint of customisation. Therefore, a well-designed corporate gift, in Singapore or otherwise, is likely to remind the recipient of your company, organisation or event whenever they take a look at it.

Third, corporate gifts will provide a culturally enhancing effect on the company. Just like other gifts, corporate gifts are given freely while the giver expects nothing in return. This promotes a culture of reciprocity and wards off negative cultural values such as selfishness.

Realising that your company has a habit of generous giving can reduce the amount of toxicity and infighting within your workplace. This is especially relevant for corporate gifts given at Singapore corporate events that have to do with recruiting new members to the organisation. Fourth, corporate gifts, given in Singapore or otherwise, will create a long

Should your company be in search of corporate gifts in Singapore, Edmaro is the best place from which one can source such gifts. This is the case for a number of reasons. First, our company places emphasis on professionalism and high quality corporate gifts.

We realise that our target audience are professionals, often within a corporate body, or event organisers relating to a similar field. Hence, the customers who shop from us have often accomplished individuals with exacting standards and tastes.

Our products are geared towards such tastes by including a wide range of products with values exceeding $50 or more. These include 1TB portable storage drives, bags, backpacks and more made with premium materials, and other similar items such as crystalline plaques, awards and more.

Second, our company also caters to a varied range of tastes, so if a purchaser is looking for a cheaper option for corporate gifts given under different circumstances, then cheaper corporate gifts are also available from our store.

We cover a broad spectrum of items ranging from writing implements, drinkware and IT products to apparel, award plaques and more. We cover the full range of corporate gifts in Singapore and it is doubtless that an event organiser will be able to find out that suits his taste.

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Door Gifts as a Small Token or Trinket

door gifts singapore

Door gifts are small tokens, trinkets or novelties that an event organizer leaves at the door, which are presented to attendees when they first enter the relevant premises, hence, often constituting an actual “door” gift.

These are a common sight at numerous events and especially more professional corporate events where such door gifts are nearly always present. An event organizer would certainly do well to include a door gift for the participants of their event. A door gift can significantly enhance the memorability that an event has for each participant.

This is the case for several reasons. First, door gifts present a good first impression. The impression that an attendee gets at the start of the event can colour the rest of his experience. Similarly, a thoughtful door gift is indicative of the appreciation that an event organiser shows towards those who turn up.

It militates towards attendees thinking that the event is meticulous and well-planned. This enhances the impact of the event by affecting the experience that each individual attendee has.

Second, the lack of a door gift can actually create a negative impression. Given the prevalence of the presentation of door gifts, the lack of a door gift can be viewed as out of the ordinary and therefore interpreted to be a display of a lack of careful planning.

The reality is that corporate gifts have become such an ingrained and conventional part of event planning that attendees are often used to it, and may treat the absence of door gifts as a sticking point.

Third, door gifts allow each attendee to take away at least one thing from the event. Door gifts are tangible memoirs of the event and will instantly trigger the attendee’s memory of it each time he uses or recalls the door gift.

In this sense, the door gift is an easy way to multiply the reach and impact of the event, as he is likely to continue using that item (and continue thinking of the event) for many days to come – this is, of course, premised on the fact that your door gift is adequately and meticulously chosen.

Should you be in need of a good location from which to purchase a wide and varied selection of door gifts, look no further than our selection of door gifts at Edmaro. The door gifts that we keep in stock are novel, unique, and useful.

Some of our door gifts include typical, everyday items such as mugs, pens, shirts, as well as a few more “out of the ordinary” ones including portable storage drives and others. The effect of this is that whatever your needs are in selecting a door gift or multiple door gifts for your event, we have your needs covered.