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The Practicality of Corporate Gift Giving in Singapore


Giving something to someone for goodwill is a long-lived tradition ever since the times of the Galleon Trade. Where there are records indicated that people from all over the globe not only trade but also give treasures as a sign of friendship.

Merchants from other parts of the continent always have something extra to bring along. They say it is for leverage when they have tenacious competitors. They are the early examples of Corporate Gift Singapore Suppliers. They are not necessarily the big traders, otherwise, they are small players. That is their strategy to stay in business and it still in practice when you look at today’s companies.


Every company is following marketing strategies to make potential clients know their products and services. They invest in promotions, events, campaigns, etc. and those are conventional strategies and tested by time.

But imagine the time and funds you have to spend just to set up a decent one-day event just to deliver your company’s message to clients. So if you are giving a simple Door Gift to one client, you will think that it just a simple etiquette or token.

On the contrary, simple etiquette can bolster your relations. Because naturally, it will leave a lasting impression to your clients.  The clients will feel their importance. It will be evident that your company is very serious in giving its utmost effort to deliver high-quality products and services. In the case, that token for a client is much more practical than setting up a booth beside more booths just to woo clients.

Corporate Gift Suppliers and Customised Gift Suppliers

Practicality, in this case, is key when choosing appropriate gifts for your clients. Some suppliers offer very affordable and even offered in bulk. Regardless of the offer, the merchandise should be in good shape and quality.

A sub-par and poor quality gift could leave a bad impression. Other suppliers can customize depending on you and your client’s preferences. Just keep in mind the recipient’s receiving policy. A gift should be modest, but at the same time pleasing.

Corporate Gift Singapore is for More than Advertising Purpose

It may appear that corporate gift-giving is a cheap way to advertise your company. It may serve its purpose but it is more than just maximizing your potential profit. You are encouraging and forming a good business partnership with your clients. You are promoting a symbiotic relationship that will leave a lasting impression for more clients to come.

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