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The value of a small gift


“Bigger, better, faster”
That is a common phrase we hear. Therefore, you think to yourself – my gifts should also be bigger and better than the rest.

Hold on a second! Are you really sure about that? Is a big gift truly the better one? We don’t think so.

Generally, we like to think of bigger things as being more expensive, and thus more valuable, but is this really true in today’s modern age? Technology has allowed to fit so much data and features packed into a single object such as an iPhone. And which would you rather receive, a giant sofa that comes in a huge wooden box… or a diamond ring in its tiny box?

Now, we are not saying to give your clients a diamond ring, which is definitely way too expensive! However, just think about the logical questions that it brings up – a big gift requires big packaging, and customization efforts like engraving will cost more money to do due to its size. A small gift is directly the opposite – you can spend less on such auxiliary aspects of your gift and concentrate on the gift itself.

So why not think small? There are a lot of gifts that are small and yet practical and thoughtful, ripe for personalizing. How about a USB drive, or a fancy fountain pen? We’re sure you can think of several many other possibilities if you think about it! They’re both useful and fits in your pocket, thus encouraging more use!

Even if your gift is small, if it comes from the heart, it will appear to be bigger than it really is. After all, it is the thought that counts. Or as others would say “Good things come in small packages.”

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