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Personalizing and making the most out of your Corporate Gifts – the Whys and Hows

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There are many practical reasons to give out corporate gifts. From building relationships, to rewarding the hard work of an employee and perhaps to commemorate special celebratory events such as promotions, retirements and project completion, giving out corporate gifts is an excellent way to build good will, raise morale and otherwise raise the effectiveness of your business.

However, sloppy execution in your distribution of gifts may lessen the effect. We believe the gift that you have chosen not only affects the receiver but also says a lot about your company. What will your clients think when they receive cheap, mass-produced gifts from your company? They would probably assume you think of them as equally cheap, replaceable tools to be thrown away!

Instead, show your sincerity in the process of gift-giving by putting in the effort to personalize and gift correctly. Here are some tips to do so.


Deliver the gift in person, using the right person for the task
Rather than simply handing them out in an impersonal, robotic manner, it will heavily raise the effectiveness of your gift if you deliver them with the right people, all at no cost. For example, a team leader handing a gift to his subordinate or a representative of the company gives a gift to her client. This can be done at absolutely no additional cost, so it’s a good method to use.


Customize your gift
When it comes to corporate gift in Singapore, items that look generic, a dime a dozen simply will not do! Through methods such as silkscreen, embossing or engraving, we are able to carve and imprint specialized phrases, initials and names onto corporate gifts. What could be much prestigious than receiving a leather gift embossed with your company logo and your personal initials on it? It would certainly be more exciting than simply receiving the leather bag as is straight from the shop! In addition, the customization will help spread word of mouth of your company, helping you gain more reputation through the industry.

Remember that if you require any assistance in personalizing and customizing your intended corporate gifts, we at Edmaro have the skills and talents to really showcase and bring out the nature of your company!