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The Ultimate Corporate Gifts Supplier Checklist

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When there are plentiful of corporate gifts supplier in the market to choose from, how do you know which one will fulfil your needs? In order to make your selection process painless, here is an all-inclusive checklist of what you can expect from a satisfactory corporate gifts supplier:

Exceptional Customer Service

Ensure that your chosen corporate gifts supplier has an exceptional track record when it comes to customer service with a quick Google search. There is no harm doing some prior research to save yourself any unfavourable issues that might come up along the way, such as order delays and discrepancies. It is important to work with a reliable corporate gifts supplier who will deliver as promised without you having to worry about any major setbacks. A more personalised service will always lead to a better customer experience.

Attractive Prices

Look out for corporate gift suppliers that offer great prices. If you’re going to be placing a huge order and investing in a considerable amount of money, it’s only fair that the corporate gifts supplier offers a volume discount as a courtesy to show that they treasure you as a customer. Make sure that the price being quoted to you is provided in black and white and there are no hidden costs. You do not want end up paying more than you are supposed to.

High-Quality Products

Never compromise the quality of your corporate gifts and settle for anything that does not meet your expectations. Moreover, gifting a business partner or client with something of low quality reflects poorly on you as well as your company. It also a good measure to ensure that there are no promotional inserts in your corporate gift as it can be quite distasteful and impersonal to receive a token of appreciation that is blatantly advertising the corporate gifts supplier. Tacky is never good.

Guarantee Provided

To ensure yourself and rule out any headaches down the road, find out if your purchased corporate gifts are guaranteed. Under any unfortunate circumstance that the corporate gifts supplier misses an important delivery or your items are damaged, the corporate gifts should be refundable with no questions asked.

Here at Edmaro, we are a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore that operates with all your requirements and must-haves in mind. We check off all of the boxes above which is why we’re the best start when it comes to picking out notable corporate gifts for you and your company. Contact us for a quotation today!

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