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What is a corporate gift ?


A corporate gift is a type of gift that is bestowed on a recipient by a company. Corporate gifts, may be given as a means of showing appreciation for efforts made by the recipient that have benefited the company. In other applications, a corporate gift is sometimes described as a one-time presentation to a local charity or municipality as part of the company’s community involvement efforts.

One of the more common examples of this type of gift has to do with employees of the business. Companies often utilize gifts of some sort to recognize employees who have rendered a service to the company that is considered above and beyond the usual expectations. The company presents may take the form of a cash gift, or involve some type of tangible product such as a new car, or even an all-expense-paid vacation for the employee and his or her family.

Presenting a company gift to customers is a relatively common public relations strategy. It is common for companies to gift clients with some type of token or gesture of appreciation when the customer has generated a certain amount of sales over the past calendar year. Many companies choose the December holiday season or the Chinese new year period as the ideal time to send a company present to each client who meets the criteria established by the corporation.

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