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What is the true value of a gift –Goodwill


Some big bosses, perhaps very traditional ones, scoff at the very idea of Corporate Gifting. “It’s a waste of money”, they say, “you can’t put down on paper how much a gift can earn you, therefore it’s useless, cut it!”

Hold your horses, think about all the times you have ever received a gift. Now think back on all the gifts you have received in your life: what are the odds that any of them are truly expensive? I’m sure most of you will probably recall that most of the time, your gifts do not trend towards the expensive side: only millionaires and nobilities get gifts of cars and houses. Most of us tend to receive gifts more along the lines of food, toys, clothes and stationery.

Indeed, notice that with those items, there is nothing stopping you from going to the shop and buying them yourselves. It clearly isn’t the monetary value of the gift that entices us, so why then do we still continue the tradition of gift giving?

We believe the answer is that the true gift is Goodwill. It doesn’t matter how valuable it is, recipients can sense your sincerity if you pick out a well-planned, thoughtful gift. The actual act of gifting is a symbolic ritual that strengthens your business ties together. This causes everyone to feel good and have positive thoughts towards each other, leading to a much more positive relationship.

While you certainly cannot reduce this down to monetary value on a spreadsheet like you can do in the business world, we believe that such feelings of Goodwill is much more valuable than any amount of money the world can buy. Therefore, the act of Corporate Gifting will continue to proceed through the future!

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