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What Makes The Corporate Gifts Market Unique


With over 400,000 businesses in Singapore, there are a wide range of industries and niches in operation. From accountants and auditors, to marketers and transport companies, you’ll find every niche you can imagine in the city. However, one industry is truly different from the rest; the industry of corporate gifts. Suppliers of door gifts in Singapore have a truly unique industry in that their main purpose is to bring joy to their consumer. Their mission is all about building relationships both within the business and amongst clients. Here’s how the corporate gifts market is different from any other industry in Singapore.

Importance Of Emotion

In many industries, emotion plays little to no role in the workplace. Take a look at the accountancy industry for example, you rarely see emotional management being an important part of their daily operations. On the other hand, when it comes to selling door gifts in Singapore, the mission of any business is to engage with the emotions of the customer. The reality is, people won’t remember what you said. They often won’t even remember your name. But what they will remember, is how you made them feel. As a corporate gifts supplier, making consumers feel great is the main aim of the business. Suppliers want to create emotions that the consumer won’t forget, allowing them to improve relationships and the overall reputation of their client. The stronger the emotion they can create, the more successful their gifts will be. This is extremely important as a gift can make or break a relationship, especially when two businesses have just started their collaboration. 

Personalized Approach

Another factor that makes the corporate gift market completely unique is the approach required to be successful. In most industries, learning about the personal lives of your consumers would be looked down upon. However, in the industry of corporate gifts, it’s actually a necessity. The more you know about your customer, the better gifts you will be able to deliver. For example, if you know that your client has recently had a baby, you can purchase them a personalized gift package that’s focused around babies. Not only will this be a fantastic gift, but it will also be extremely practical at a time in which your client may feel a little overwhelmed. In no other industry would this be appropriate, making the corporate gifts industry completely unique.

Advertising In The Form Of… Gifts?

Another fantastic area of the gifts industry is that advertising can be disguised as a present. When it comes to door gifts in Singapore, there are hundreds of ways to showcase a business or brand whilst providing value to the customer. For example, providing your client with high quality pens with your logo on means they will likely use them in the workplace. Every time they do so, they will think of you and your brand which will result in a better business relationship. Door gifts in Singapore are also great for events in which you want to advertise a brand without being too flashy. You can slyly advertise your brand by simply putting your logo on everything from shirts to books. These can then be gifted to current and potential clients, working as a clever marketing campaign without the normal costs associated with sales.

Profit Is Less Important

Now, don’t get us wrong here, corporate gift suppliers are definitely in the market to make a profit. However, the main objective of each business is usually to put a smile on the face of the customer. In this industry, much of the satisfaction gained is emotional. Knowing you have made someone’s day, improved their life or made them feel appreciated is truly a fantastic feeling and one that simply cannot be achieved in many other industries. (At least not on the same scale).

A Certain Type Of Individual Is Required For The Job

Much like you would hire a teacher for a teaching job, a chef for a restaurant and an accountant for an accountancy firm, you need to hire a certain individual within the gifting industry. These individuals must be caring individuals who think about the emotions of others. They must be energetic individuals who understand the importance of gifts and the joy that gifts can bring. Although they can be hard to find, finding such a person will significantly improve not only their enjoyment of the job, but also the efficiency at which they work.

With so many unique aspects to the market, it is no surprise that the industry of corporate gifts has grown significantly over the past few decades. The use of gifts to build relationships has become so much more important than ever before and is expected to grow over even further over the next decade.