LFOT249 – Zero 2.5 Car IonizerLFOT249 – Zero 2.5 Car Ionizer

LFOT249 – Zero 2.5 Car Ionizer




Car ionizer is designed to bring forest air to you in the car. It helps to reduce PM2.5, bacteria and virus inhaled into your body.

Negative air ions will attach to floating particles in the air (e.g pollen and pet hair) in the car and over time fall to the ground. Helps to alleviate allergies.

Net weight : 50g

Product size : 109x46x46mm

Power : <0.5W,12V DC car charger

Negative air ions(NAIs) emission : With 3 millions Negative Air Ions (NAIs) /cm³ emitted

*Above unit price is based on a minimum order of 100 pieces of any corporate gifts without printing and subjective to GST and advance payment for cash sales.