LFOT252 – Zero 2.5 Plant IonizerLFOT252 – Zero 2.5 Plant Ionizer

LFOT252 – Zero 2.5 Plant Ionizer




Plant Ionizer generates an average of 200,000 to 400,000 Negative Air Ions per cubic meter within a meter from the pot.

consists of a self-watering pot that is able to provide the plant with enough moisture for optimal ion emission. The pot is well-insulated with an in-built proprietary Zero 2.5 Ionizer.

Recommended for indoor environment and preferably, a room size of 10 to 15m3.

During the air ionization process, static will be generated from the plant. The amount of static generated is relative to the plant’s air cleansing strength. Avoid touching the plant while ionization is in process.

Items Included

  • Cubical shaped self-watering pot (15CM X 15CM )
  • Detachable Zero 2.5 Ionizer
  • Adapter
  • Snake Plant

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