LFTA040 – World Travel Adaptor with 3 USB ports & 1 Type C slot



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It comes with 3 USB ports, 1 Type C port, and 1 Universal AC socket, letting you connect up to 5 devices at a time, making it the best phone charger available compatible with all USB and Type C smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, mp3 players…
Guaranteed Safety – It has a strong and sturdy exterior made of polycarbonate with multiple thermal layers. It also has a baby safe shutter to prevent kids from sticking objects into the socket and endangering themselves.
certification from RoHS, FCC, and CE,can be used in 150+ countries worldwide.

Material: ABS
Packaging : Retail box
Dimensions : 66 x 53 x 52mm

*Above unit price is based on a minimum order of 100 pieces of any corporate gifts without printing and subjective to GST and advance payment for cash sales.