Variety of Logo Services

We also have the following variety of logo services :

  • Customisation of design and material of gift products
  • Deboss & Emboss
  • Embroidery include tagging
  • Engraving
  • Heat Transfer Printing
  • Hotstamping
  • Sandblasting
  • Silkscreen Printing

Customisation of design and material of gift products

We can do customisation of design and material of most gift products but subjective to the minimum order quantity or/and the mould charge depending on our manufacturers’ products.

Deboss & Emboss

Deboss is to indent a logo mainly on leather gifts while emboss is to raise almost a 3d logo on the leather gifts .

Embroidery include tagging

Embroidery is mainly used for textile gifts such as apparel ,caps and pouches bags. It involved stitching of the logo on the gifts.


We provide engraving services on most metallic surfaces & wood, plastic  (eg. Pens engraving & other gifts engraving) & also laser engraving on crystal awards.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer is printing mainly on fabrics or ceramics by transferring a printed design via heat and pressure. It is recommended for fabric materials eg. Apparels  and ceramics gift products like mugs.


Hotstamping of logo is recommended for gift boxes and leather corporate gifts .It involved heating of the hotstamp plate on the gift product. The color can be gold ,silver or  black subjective to material of the gifts.


Sandblasting is mainly used for crystal or glass gifts mainly awards which  involved a blast of air or steam carrying sand at high velocity to etch glass or crystal surfaces.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkcreen printing is the most common form. It involved ink printing on on gifts made from almost any material of corporate gifts.

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How to Select a Corporate Gift ?

Corporate gifts, also known as business gifts, are those gifts given out by a boss or corporation to employees for a holiday or a company anniversary, to demonstrate appreciation for all of the hard work that the employees have done over the preceding year or years. Corporate gifts are also given out to valued clients to let them know that their business is appreciated. Above all, a corporate gift is given to show appreciation for the recipient, so it should never be shoddy or cheap.

Corporate Gifts vs. Promotional Giveaways

Corporate gifts can be a wonderful addition to any business program, but a poorly thought out or shoddily made gift can also be an insult to the recipient. One common mistake is for corporations to confuse promotional gifts or giveaways with business gifts. A promotional giveaway is something inexpensive such as a pen, key chain, laser pointer, or even duffel bag or backpack, which is imprinted with a company’s name and logo and is intended to be given out as a part of an advertising program. These gifts, due to their inexpensive and mass produced nature, are essentially never suitable for giving as a corporate gift. This is not to say that a corporate gift cannot have the company’s name or logo on it; indeed, most of them do. The essential point is that a promotional giveaway is created in batches of thousands, at costs of pennies per unit, and is intended for exactly that purpose: to be given away. For an employee, customer, or client to receive such an item as a gift is tantamount to being told that their contribution is minimum.

Tips for Buying Business Gifts

One of the easiest ways to determine whether a business gift is a good choice is to think about whether it would make a good present for a family member. A good corporate gift should be a thoughtful token of appreciation for the recipient, and should ideally also be something that he or she can put to use as well. In short, if a corporate gift looks too shoddy or generic to be given as a gift to a family member, then it should not be given out as a corporate gift.

The Incentive to Giving a Corporate Gift

The giving of corporate gifts and business gifts has essentially the same incentive behind it that any other type of gift giving does: to build a stronger relationship. A company that gives a nice corporate gift to a customer who has done a lot of business with them is in essence telling the customer that they are more than just a source of profit, that the company is glad to have the customer’s business and appreciates them as a person. Similarly, by giving a business gift to an employee (especially during the holiday time when so many employees are overworked and stressed out) the company is reminding the employee that there could be no success without his or her contribution, and that contribution is noticed and appreciated.

Business Gifts are Appropriate for Everyone

Typically, most people associate corporate gifts or door gifts with large companies, and assume that all of the gifts handed out are generic trinkets. More and more today, that paradigm is changing. Small companies are just as likely to give out gifts to valued employees, customers, clients and even some departments within a larger corporation give out their own gifts.

Corporate Gifts as Employee Incentives

Corporate giftsshould not be considered as a part of a company’s general incentive program, in the sense that an employee who sells a certain number of units will get a business gift or an employee who meets a certain criteria will get a business gift. For the most part, business or corporate gifts should be held apart, so that they can be seen to be ‘a cut above the rest’. A good corporate gift should always send a message of caring and appreciation to the recipient, whether it is an employee, a customer, or a client. If an employee can choose their special gift out of a catalog a couple of times a month, then it quickly becomes clear that the ‘special’ gift is nothing more than a consolation prize. Worse, if an employee feels that he or she has gotten a nice gift for a special occasion such as a lengthy service anniversary, and then discovers that another employee received the exact same gift for being the employee of the month or meeting a standard sales quota, then the original employee is going to feel very cheated and disappointed. By keeping corporate gifts as part of a separate, unique program which is intended to show special recognition for a client or employee, the corporation ensures that the gifts will be appreciated in the spirit in which they are intended.

Business Gifts and Business Relations

While it is generally considered tacky to give out a promotional giveaway as a business gift, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving away business gifts or door gifts as part of an overall marketing strategy. The important thing to remember in these instances is that nothing should be done to devalue the importance of the gift for its intended recipients: customers, employees, and clients. A good way to manage this is to include the name of the company on the gift, if it can be tastefully done (for example, a small inscription on a wall clock could include a note of thanks for a customer’s business and the company’s logo) can make a large impact. This can serve to remind the recipient not only of who the gift is from, but can also make an impression on people who see the item and have not had previous relations with the company. The overall impression the gift should always send is of a company which truly cares about the people it works with and works for.